Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 Most Popular Posts from 2014

This past year was a fantastic year for my blog.  It has grown so much and I actually have readers that I don't know in "real life."  And that truly makes my heart happy.  So thank you to everyone who has become a regular here at Learning to Be 31!  

I saw a similar post from another blogger and loved this idea!  So I'm here to share with you the top 5 posts from 2014.

5. WAHM Review: Wink Diapers
To be fair, 4 of the top 5 posts this past year were giveaways.  I didn't want to count those...but I threw the most popular giveaway post in as number 5 in the countdown just to be fair.  ;)  But I love that this is the most popular giveaway because they are my favorite diapers!!  I ended up buying a 6 pack after Baby Girl had arrived and we had used a variety.  They are easy to use and super cute.  They are even Hubby's favorite! 

4. Bump Update: 40 Weeks
Our very last bump update.  Everyone must have been anxious to see when that baby was going to arrive!  ;)  And whoa!  Cannot believe I was that huge!!

3. Bump Update: Week 15
Not sure why this bump update out of all of them was in the top 5.  Maybe because it included my first comparison picture??  I'm not sure.  You all can tell me.  ;)

2. Bump Update: Week 12
Outside of my pregnancy announcement, this was my first bump update!  Neat that my 1st and my last updates made the top 5 list this year!  Not sure I'll ever be that skinny again....I think my "bump" is bigger now.  No, I know my "bump" is bigger now.  haha.  But I don't even care.  Our Little Miss is more than worth it.

And the most popular post this past year was.......drum roll please.....

1. Why We Didn't Wait the Typical 12 Weeks  
This post is one that is so very dear to my heart.  And it was my first post ever to go over 150 page views to nearly 800!!  I was absolutely blown away.  But speaks to something so many women either fear or have been through.  At 9 weeks, I thought we were losing our baby....and that was just a few months after we had already suffered through a miscarriage.  This post walks through that day.  I am so very thankful that our Baby Girl is here today!

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