Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bump Update - Week 15

Some days I feel like this pregnancy is going so fast.  But other days it feels like it is going so slow.  And I'm not sure which of those I prefer.  I just want to enjoy every moment.  But sometimes I feel like life just gets in the way.  *sigh*  I've got to slow down more.

Finally took some bump pics tonight. Check it out:

And I also took the time to make a comparison of my 12 week bump to tonight's bump.  Definite difference!! Which is WAY exciting!!

And just for fun, here is a ridiculous pic Hubby took of me trying to make my belly talk.  Didn't realize he was still taking pictures.  :P  Enjoy the laugh.  :)

This week, baby is the size of a: Naval Orange.  Now I feel weird eating oranges...

Next appointment: May 1st.  Just a little over a week away...

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still fluctuating a bit here and there but pretty much remaining steady at 8 pounds less than pre-pregnancy.  Need to pack on the protein!

Exercise: Walks when it is nice.  Might be adding some specific routine stuff to target my lower back, abs, and legs to aid with delivery.  I need to, I just need the will power to make it happen.

Maternity Clothes: Still a no.  But I had about 5 people remind me on Sunday, while I was wearing a nice Easter dress that I wouldn't be able to fit in skinny little outfits like that much longer.  :P 

Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss this past week.  Some days are good, some days aren't.  Seems to be an every other day kind of thing - not enough sleep one night and then playing catch up the next.  I did get in a nap today at work while the baby was sleeping.  It was nice.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I had to get groceries last Thursday.  I came home and told Hubby, "I might have bought all of the jelly beans."  I just couldn't make it stop - new flavor?  Going in the cart.  The frugal side of me kept saying - "These are going to be 50% off in just 4 days."  But the pregnant side of me won!  ;) 

Movement: Not yet.  The other day when the little one I watch was sleeping in my lap, I kept thinking I felt something.  But it turned out her arm had someway worked itself into a really weird position and was twitching every once in awhile.  haha.  I'm just itching for the first movements!

What I Miss: The occasional glass of wine.  We aren't big alcohol people and usually save it for special occasions.  But I really do love a nice glass of wine from time to time.  I think it bothers me now because I really can't have it.  lol.

What I'm Loving: I have more energy.  Definitely not back to where I was.  But I'm able to do more and get more done before I feel like the walking dead.

What I'm Looking Forward To: My nausea disappearing.  haha.  If that happens I suppose...

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Hubby admit that it all became more real to him when he saw the ultrasound.  And for him to be more about "the bump" - touching it, talking to the baby, etc.

Milestones: Babies ears moved from its neck to its head. lol.

Goals: Eat more.  Slow down.  And house related - organize our office space which includes all of our cleaning stuff, my craft stuff, and our coat closet...which is literally overflowing with shoes.

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