Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aelah Grace: 4 Months

Hi there everybody!
So little Miss Aelah actually turned 4 months one week ago.  But I wanted to wait for her check up to get her weight and height! I know I say this every single time but she is growing way too fast.  Thankfully, now that we have adjusted *somewhat* to having a baby and the holidays are behind us, things have seemed to slow down just a little.  The first 3 months literally flew by like a whirlwind.  But the last month has been a little slower.  It has been nice.

And I looooooove looking at the world upside down!

How am I Growing?

Well, our height seems to have slowed down for the time being.  She is 26ish inches long which puts her in the 98th percentile, which is still crazy!  But we were literally off the chart last time!  Her weight, on the other hand is climbing the charts, she is in the 78th percentile for weight at 15 lbs and 9oz and we used to be pretty average running between the 50th and 56th percentile.  I think all that is weight is in her chubby little thighs.  :P

And just a few days before she turned 4 months we moved into her 6-9 month clothes!!  She is just too long.  ;)

First day in her new wardrobe.
What's New?

She has become extremely aware of her surroundings.  She reaches for everything and plays with all of her toys (her favorite of which, is this awesome crinkle paper).  She discovered if she kicks the pole on her play mat that the toys move.  It is so neat to watch her process and try to do things.  She concentrates SO hard.  We can't help but giggle when she gets a little frustrated and her face gets red with effort. 

Laughing still isn't a regular thing but she laughs for real every once in awhile.  It melts my heart every single time.

She rolled from her belly to her back a couple of times.  Though I know its a fluke because she hates being stuck on her belly and can't figure out how to roll to her back.  She tries though!

And she is so much more jumpy now.  And if she is really scared her lip sticks waaaaaay out and then she starts to cry.  It is so cute and so sad.

How are we sleeping?

She sleeps just like her daddy - hands behind her head and elbows straight out.  Hopefully she breaks this habit before she has to share a bed with anyone.  :P

She sleeps better than I do.  But then, I've never really slept super well.  She has "regressed" a little bit...which is typical around 4 months.  But really it isn't regressing, she is developing.  She just now started having actual sleep cycles and her bone development is taking off right now which means she is much hungrier than she used to be.  I could start giving her cereal or rice at this point, and the doctor even recommended it today, but we decided before she was born that we would exclusively breastfeed until 6 months.  

There is some research that seems to indicate that early foods can lead to stomach issues later on in life because babies have what is called an "open gut" until 6 months.  Essentially, from what I understand, this means that the stomach and digestive system is more permeable than what ours is so that nutrients from breastmilk can get to the blood stream more quickly.  I'm not 100% convinced that early food could have a negative effect later in life.  BUT, I struggled with some severe stomach issues during my college years and ended up being diagnosed with gastroparesis.  Most cases are caused by an auto-immune disorder or diabetes.  But I fell into the small percentage of cases in which they aren't sure why or how it started.  Because of what I went through, I don't want to risk anything that might lead to her having tummy troubles.  Especially if she is already prone to them genetically which could be the case since they don't know where my stomach problems started.  

Since I know she is getting everything she needs in breast milk, I can deal with getting up a couple of times a night to feed her until we are ready to give her solids...especially since I don't sleep well anyways.  I feel like it's a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things and the right choice for us.

So if you see me walking around like a zombie, just pat me on the back and remind me that 6 months isn't all that far away.

However...teeth will certainly become a factor soon and who knows what that will do to her sleep patterns.  :P

And one more cute picture just for the fun of it:

Because who doesn't love a baby ninja??  ;)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wool Diapers: Not as Scary or Difficult as You Might Think (WAHM Review + Giveaway)

If you have been in the cloth diapering community for awhile, you have probably heard of wool covers.  To be honest, I was intimidated by wool.  It requires a different wash routine and I just wasn't sure it was worth it.  And was it really able to keep pee in?  It's just cloth - no water proof/resistant layer to be found....

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
I received free product in exchange for an open & honest review.  No other compensation was exchanged.  All opinions are my own.

I approached Kim at Patsycake Baby to do a review of her Clover Diaper:

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Super neat right?

But then she asked me if I could review a wool cover and fitted instead because it was harder to find people willing to do so.  I was really nervous but thought it might be a great chance to try something new.  So I told her that I'd never used wool and I had no idea what I was doing but that I would definitely be willing to give it a try if she would like.  And so we're here today!  :)

But let's back  track a little bit and let me tell you a little bit about Kim and her family.  They live on a small family San Diego!  I never, in a million years would have thought of a farm when thinking of San Diego.  Pretty neat.  Patsycake Baby is run from the dining room table each morning while her two children collect eggs, feed the animals, and eat veggies straight out of the garden (yum!).  Kim is a firm believer in supporting local and small business so that's where she gets all of her materials!   Now doesn't that all just do your heart good?  ;)


Here is the super cute package that Kim sent:

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Simple but cute!  Love it!
And these are the treasures that awaited me:
Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
A Deluxe One Size Organic Sherpa Fitted Diaper

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
A Custom Wool Crochet Diaper Soaker Cover

So adorable, right?  I told Kim that we liked earth tones and all things natural and this is what she came up with!  I love it!

She automatically sent me instructions on how to care for my wool cover.  And I was extremely thankful - that was what I was most worried about!  Her blog has fantastic instructions for lanolizing and washing the cover.  It even includes pictures for each step.  You can find that post here.

It really is very easy.  If you have ever hand-washed anything you will be great at this!  And if you haven't hand-washed a single thing, Kim's instructions make this super simple.  In a nut shell, it goes like this: swish, rinse, swish, swish, soak, rinse, roll, and lay flat.  Just as easy as it sounds.  Yes, I'll have to refer back to the instructions the first few times, but it really is easy!

But why go through the extra steps?  Because you don't have to do it that often!!  If the wool is damp, you just let it dry between uses.  If it gets soiled, you wash it really quickly with a little bit of gentle soap.  And you only have to lanolize about once every other month!!  

The absorbency is so very worth.  This cover, along with the sherpa fitted have made it to our overnight collection.  And that is quite the accomplishment with my heavy wetting little lady.  We have been able to use this set about 8-10 times.  And it has only leaked twice, once when I didn't make sure that the fitted was tucked into the cover on her back.  And the second time, which was barely a leak, she slept extra long...about 14 hours. We usually only go 10-12 hours without a diaper change overnight.

Here they are in action:

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Note the fold-down rise...that was also a first for us and another thing I love!

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Cute little bum!
And the other features that I really love:

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
The fitted has an extra layer on the inside...which helps with absorbency and dry time!

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
The insert snaps in and is wide enough to cover the other snaps so that they never touch the baby!  And don't forget the softness of sherpa - definite plus! 

I am most definitely going to be getting myself some more fitteds and wool covers when the budget allows!!  Patsycake Baby has made me a big believer!

Check out some of the other awesome products that they carry:

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Diaper Dust!  A safer, natural alternative to Baby Powder

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Organic Terry Bibs

Cloth Diaper, Wool, Natural Living, Organic, Reusable, Baby Gift, Baby, Patsycake Baby, Review, WAHM, Small Business
Birch Wood & Organic Cotton Teethers - we have one like this and it is one of Aelah's favorites!

Liking what you see?  Be sure to follow Patsycake Baby on your favorite social media:

Want to give wool a try?  Kim has graciously offered to host a giveaway!  One reader will win a crocheted wool cover!

Faith Through Generations, It Starts with Me : The Truth

This study almost brought me to tears.  For so many reasons.  I could blame it on hormones or the classical music playing in the background.  But, in reality, I know it was the Holy Spirit.  There are just some things that genuinely strike my heart more deeply than others.

Did you know that back before the printed word, history was passed down, primarily, through word of mouth?  It makes sense, but it definitely isn't something I pause to consider very often.  In fact, in Old Testament times, "oral tradition was the principal means of preserving national history" (Expositor's Commentary, emphasis added).

Psalm 78:5-8

5 For He established a testimony in Jacob
And appointed a law in Israel,
Which He commanded our fathers
That they should teach them to their children
6 That the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born,
That they may arise and tell them to their children,
7 That they should put their confidence in God
And not forget the works of God,
But keep His commandments,
8And not be like their fathers,
A stubborn and rebellious generation,
A generation that did not prepare its heart
And whose spirit was not faithful to God.

It is a beautiful passage of Scripture isn't it?  Our faith, the law, commands, and works of our God are to be passed down from generation to generation.  Why?  So that we would not be like our fathers (or ancestors) and be stubborn, rebellious. lacking a faithful spirit and a good heart.

Think about that for a second.  If we did this right.  If we taught our children the laws and commands, told them of the wondrous works of our Lord, and lived like we believed them all (with true faith) then the effects would be multiplying!!  

Our children would learn from us and their children from them and so on and so forth....

Each and everyone of them would be instilled with faithful spirit and righteous heart!  I pray every single day that I am able to instill these things in my daughter.  That when she grows older and has to make a choice between the world's way and God's way, that she won't even have to think twice.

As I read this passage, a lot of things came to mind....but the question that really got me thinking, the one that brought tears to my eyes was this: Am I capable of teaching my daughter the way she should go?  For Proverbs 22:6 states: Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Can I do that?  Only by God's strength and wisdom.  But how do I rely on that strength and wisdom, where do I find it?  His Word and Prayer.  They have to be a daily part of our lives.  Without them, we are lost.  And if we are lost, how do we show others the way?  

We should know the Lords laws & commands, as well as His wondrous miracles, so well that if we had to pass on this history orally we could do so without distorting or forgetting the truth. Our ancestors had no other choice.  They learned and memorized.  They didn't write the Word on a piece of paper, but on their hearts!

In order to train my daughter in the way she should go, I must write His Word on my heart.  I need to spend time in His word and in prayer daily.  Kids learn by what they see, not what they hear.  Setting the right example is key to teaching generations after me the way they should go.

It starts with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chicken Marsala Recipe & Garlic Press Review

We absolutely love to use fresh garlic!  It tastes so much better than the "minced garlic" you buy in a jar.  And it doesn't have all that added nastiness.  But I hate peeling and chopping it.  It is so hard to get the fine peel off of garlic, hard to chop it small enough for my liking, and it makes my hands stink!!

Because of that I am so glad I got the chance to review the Garlic Press & Peeler set from Alpha Grillers.  They are super easy to use!  And I don't have to touch the garlic near as much!  

Looks delightfully delicious doesn't it?

The packaging the set came in is super nice and high quality:

I loved the satin that the press was resting in.  I actually thought it might be a bag for storage...but it was not...

I didn't know what to expect for a garlic peeler....but it certainly wasn't this:

Food-Grade Silicon

The press is visibly high quality: 

Made from solid, high quality stainless steel that is highly resistant to rusting.

My favorite feature is that the "grate" piece pops out for easy cleaning!

Definitely a feature that doesn't come standard on every garlic press.

In order to show you how awesome this set really is, I decided to share one of our favorite recipes:

Looks delicious right?

First, you will want to gather up all of your ingredients:

I forgot that we had mushrooms when I took this pic....they are definitely a nice addition!

1. Pound chicken with a meat mallet.  Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper, and flour.  Shake off excess.

2. Heat a bit of coconut oil in a skillet.  Place chicken in and cook through.

The flour does not have to cover the chicken as you can see here...just a nice dusting....
3. Meanwhile, cook pasta.

4. While the chicken and pasta are cooking, heat oil in another skillet and add vegetables (we use a yellow/orange/red pepper, mushrooms, and garlic.  However, you can add whatever you really feel like here.  We have used carrots and onions in the past with success.

There are the mushrooms I forgot before...
Let's PAUSE her for a moment so I can show you how I used the garlic press and peeler.

Since this recipe called for minced/crushed garlic, it wasn't necessary to peel the cloves before placing them in the press.  BUT, I was anxious to give the peeler a try since I had never even heard of a garlic peeler before, let alone used one.

You simply place a whole clove, peel and all inside the tube.

Then roll it back and forth on the counter top with a bit of pressure.  The e-mail Alpha Grillers sends after your purchase says that it may take some practice.  

This is the result of my first attempt...

And this was after I got the hang of it....which really didn't take all that long.  No peels in sight!
It does make a little bit of a mess...but I'll take the mess over smelly hands any day!

After the garlic was peeled, the press was easy peasy:

You can press one clove at a time...
...or multiple.

And it turns out wonderfully either way...


Okay....back to the recipe:

5. After the chicken is cooking, add thyme and Marsala to the skillet (we add Marsala depending on how many people are eating...a quarter to a half a cup for each person).  Cook for 30 seconds and then remove chicken:

We always stick the chicken in with the veggies for a bit...

6. Back to the Marsala...scrape up any brown bits from the bottom of the skillet and cook for another 30 seconds or so.

7. Plate!  Pasta first, then veggies and chicken and pour sauce over top.  

8. Eat up!  Yummmmmmmmm!

**The garlic press and peeler were excellent tools for this dish and for any other recipe using garlic!!  They even send you an e-book with 50 recipes using crushed or sliced garlic!  It is wonderful!  You can get one here for under $20!**

Abbreviated Recipe:

  • 2 Med. Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Coconut Oil (olive or vegetable oil can be substituted)
  • 1 Medium Bell Pepper, cut into thin strips
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic, minced or crushed
  • 1/3 cup dry Marsala
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh thyme or 1 teaspoon dried
  • Hot cooked linguine, spaghetti, or angel hair
1. Pound chicken with a meat mallet.  Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper, and flour.  Shake off excess.

2. Heat a bit of coconut oil in a skillet.  Place chicken in and cook through.

3. Meanwhile, cook pasta.

4. While the chicken and pasta are cooking, heat oil in another skillet and add vegetables (we use a yellow/orange/red pepper, mushrooms, and garlic.  However, you can add whatever you really feel like here.  We have used carrots and onions in the past with success)

5. After the chicken has finished cooking, add thyme and Marsala to the skillet (we add additional Marsala depending on how many people are eating...a quarter to a half a cup for each person).  Cook for 30 seconds and then remove chicken:

6. Back to the Marsala...scrape up any brown bits from the bottom of the skillet and cook for another 30 seconds or so.

7. Plate!  Pasta first, then veggies and chicken and pour sauce over top.  

What is your favorite recipe to cook with garlic?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Washing Your Delicates: Laundry Bag Review

Okay ladies, raise your hands if your bras are a little funky from the wash....

Yep.  Been there.  Or maybe you lost some baby socks somewhere during the wash routine??  Done that too.

But these laundry bags from Inside Smarts are the perfect solution!
Two Sizes

When you purchase this pack from Amazon, you receive two medium bags and two large bags.  I have been using the medium bags for:
  • Baby socks
  • Underwear with frillys (yes, 'frillys' is a technical term)
  • Nursing pads
  • My reusable facial rounds  
The larger bags are perfect for my bras and I've also been putting Aelah's bibs in one - no matter how tightly I secure that velcro, they always end up stuck to something they shouldn't be!  
Here's a shot so you can get an idea of size...yep...took a picture of my bra.  :P

The quality of these bags is phenomenal.  They look high-quality and they definitely feel high-quality.  They aren't going to be damaged by buttons or snaps or anything on the other clothes in the wash.  My absolute favorite feature is the zipper!  It has a tiny elastic band at the closure to keep it from making noise and from snagging other things in the wash.  Super nice!
Pretty neat right?

I highly, highly recommend these bags!  I'm SO very glad I got to review them!  They have become a regular part of my wash routine!  They would also make a great gift for moms or wedding showers or anyone who does laundry.  :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

An Apology to 50 Shades of Grey Fans

Dear Friend,

I realized today that some of the things I have posted about 50 Shades of Grey came across as judgmental.  That was absolutely never my intent.  I am so sorry you felt that way.  You see, judging is forming an opinion or conclusion about someone or something.  I love you.  My opinion of you has not changed.  You hold the same place in my heart that you always have.  I think no less of you.  I am also sorry that I made the issue strictly about 50 Shades of Grey and made it seem like I was attacking you.  I shouldn't have done that.  The issue is much larger than that and it compasses our entertainment industry as a whole.  Please don't stop reading.  Please give me a chance to come alongside you and walk with you for a moment. 

My intent in posting those articles was to help others, to help you, see why it might not be the best decision.  I wanted to help at least one person avoid the destructiveness that I fell into in my past.

Did you read those articles?  Or just get offended that I posted them?  I was hoping that you would actually read them.  They were wholesome, non-judgmental articles written to come alongside others and help them on the narrow, bumpy road we are walking.  They weren't written to hurt you and I didn't post them to hurt you.  I am so sorry that you felt judged.

My heart is broken over the whole situation.  I know you don't feel the same way that I do, but I think Satan has won with this one. I have had to ask myself the questions below about certain TV shows, books, and movies that I enjoyed.  And after answering them honestly, and truly listening to the Holy Spirit, I changed my thought process.  As noted earlier, this should not be applied to just 50 Shades of Grey, there is a much bigger issue at hand here.  It should be applied to all of the entertainment we allow in our lives.  When reading these questions please, first apply them to all of the entertainment in your life, not just 50 Shades.  And second, please be honest with yourself.  

1. At any point while you are reading the book/watching the movie/show do you feel a little bit uncomfortable, do you blush?  This, undoubtedly, is the Holy Spirit's nudging.  When you get that feeling in your chest that something might not be usually isn't.  And the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you so.  I used to watch Orange is the New Black until I realized I had this feeling in my chest, an uncomfortable feeling, almost every time I watched it.  The Holy Spirit was telling me it wasn't such a great idea.

2. Do you get turned on at any point while reading or watching?  And, yes, I mean that kind of turned on.  If so, it is probably not a choice Christ would be okay with.  Being aroused is something that should be for our spouses alone.  I absolutely hate the idea of my husband being aroused by anything other than me.  Porn is porn.  It doesn't have to be visual.  "Girl" porn is written and I know, first hand, how addicting and destructive it can be.  I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey in its entirety but I have read enough excerpts to know that the words in those pages would turn me on.  And I wouldn't be thinking about my husband.  That is, absolutely not, what Christ intended for our sexuality.

3.  It is cliche - but would you read the book / watch the movie/show if Christ were sitting in the room with you?  Yes, He loves everyone.  Yes, He spent a lot of time with sinners.  But because He loved those sinners, because He loves me and you - He never allows us to stay where we are.  His response to those that came before Him with questionable activities was "Go and sin no more."  

Or, think about the person you admire most because of their faith.  Think of the person that you know Christ would be extremely proud of.  Would you invite them to come see the movie?  Or tell them they should read the book?  Another show I used to watch a lot was Weeds.  And I don't think you would argue with me if I said  there was no way I would invite my pastor or mentor to come have a watch party.

Or, is it something that the church youth group should go see in theaters?  Or would that make you a bit uncomfortable?  There are plenty of movies (outside of the Christian realm) that I would be okay sending our church youth to see.  But there are some movies that I have seen that I would be outraged if the youth group decided to go.....I think 50 Shades might be one of those....why?  You tell me.

Please hear me when I say that I am in no way judging you.  My heart hurts for you, because I've been there.  I have justified the shows I was watching, the books I was reading, by saying that it was just fiction, that it wasn't really about that but about the greater story of true love or the power to overcome or whatever the plot may actually be.  I had a right to read what I wanted, to watch what I wanted. 

And, I hate to say it, but those images (whether written or seen) are hard, if not impossible, to ever forget.  And that truly isn't fair to my husband.  Christ intended our marriage bed to be pure, only us - I shouldn't be thinking about the book I read earlier and he shouldn't be thinking about that scene in Sons of Anarchy that he just should be the two of us as one.  How can we be one if we're not even thinking about each other?  How can we be one if I am turned on by a book more than I am my own husband?

I know these are issues.  Because I personally struggle with them.  I hope I have, at least, helped you see where I was coming from.  I was not judging.  I was only trying to help others avoid the trap that I fell into.

I am sorry that it did not come across that way.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Finding Happiness for Your Soul : The Truth

There was a time in college where I really struggled with self-worth.  I had everything I needed.  Life was good.  But I wasn't happy.  Something was missing.  I needed to fill a hole in my life.  And I chose to do that with guys.  I didn't use a physical relationship to fill the hole, rather, I needed the emotional connection, the affection, the endearment to make me feel whole, happy, and fulfilled.  

That feeling of something missing is embedded in all of us.  People fill it with sex, drugs, alcohol, work, hobbies, or, in my case, relationships.  
I have a hunch as to why we feel that something is missing: our souls are longing to be happy and whole.  And our souls can only find that wholeness, that pure joy, when they are united with the Spirit of the one true God.

Find photo credit information here.
Psalm 73:25-26

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

As Matthew Henry states, "There is scarcely a verse in all the psalms more expressive than this of the [sincere] and devout affections of a soul to God."  It is a beautiful statement.  One that could only be made from the soul.  For, "He, and He only, that made the soul, can make it happy; there is none in heaven, none in earth, that can pretend to do it besides" (Henry).  

There are three things that should be noted here.

Our desires should be in God alone.  Heaven sounds wonderful.  But if we make Christianity about heaven and hell instead of about God, we are missing the point.  For, "Heaven without God were a waste to this man" just as it should be for all of us (Expositor's Commentary).  And nothing on earth should hold our desires more than the Lord.  But we cannot do that when our focus is elsewhere.  The Hebrew for 'besides' is 'im which is actually translated as "with" (Strong's H5973).  So vs. 25b could actually be translated "And with You, I desire nothing on earth."  We can so easily be distracted by the things of this world. But with God, those desires can be squelched!

 Our bodies are only temporal...and not that important.  Our flesh and hearts will literally fail at some point.  Everyone dies.  It is inevitable.  For some, the failing of the flesh is a tragedy and completely overwhelming.  And while we can mourn, our soul should stay happy with the joy of the Lord.  He is our strength, or rock, as the Hebrew is literally translated (Strong's H6697).  We can always take joy, though our flesh and hearts my fail, in knowing that we will one day be with the Lord!

And lastly, with God as our portion, we should always be content.  If you lost everything, your health, your wealth, your family & friends.  Would you still be content with your portion in Christ?  Would you still be joyful?  Matthew Henry rephrases the  Psalmists words in this way, "Earth carries away the desires of most men, and yet I have none on earth, no persons, no things, no possessions, no delights, that I desire besides thee or with thee, in comparison or competition with thee."  Can you say those words?  If, like Job, you lost absolutely everything, would your joy, your happiness, your faith, remain?  Is God truly your portion?  Is He your only desire on Heaven and on earth?

I would like to think that if all were taken from me that I could still find happiness in my soul.  But I pray that I never have to find out.  There are some things I could easily put aside, my health and wealth.  But my family and close friends...that's tough.  

I will strive to place God before all of the early distractions.  And I hope that you will do the same with me.  Only then will our souls find true happiness.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Favorite Over Night Diaper (WAHM Update)

I absolutely love our decision to cloth diaper.  Especially now that we are over 3 months in.  I look back at all the money we have already saved and I smile with glee.


Cloth diapering comes with a learning curve.  I had to figure out a lot of things.  But the toughest thing was how to prevent leaking.  It honestly didn't take long to get that straightened out, but over night was another story.  At first, when she was only sleeping 3-5 hours at a time we had quite a few diapers with decent absorbency.  But then she started sleeping around 8-12 hours (up once to nurse...but not really awake so I only change her if she is pooped).  The number of diapers that would last that long without leaking shrunk significantly. 

Right now I have 3.  But only 1 of those is guaranteed to not leak....ever...  Every once in awhile the other two give me issues if she has a really long or really wet night.  So what diaper is my saving grace???

My giraffe print pocket diaper from Elly Diapers!!  

True Love <3  See my original review here.

Even though it happens super rarely over night any more, the double gussets keep any messes contained.  And the bamboo velour is stay-dry!  Which I actually didn't realize until I went back to her shop recently.  It is the perfect diaper for overnight.

The inserts are so absorbent that I actually had her set up a custom order of just inserts for me.  We use them in our covers and in other pocket diapers.  I highly, highly prefer them over any other inserts.  In fact, lately it seems like our little lady has been peeing more and the other inserts we have are just don't seem to cut the mustard.  We've had a lot more leaks lately...but never with the inserts from Elly Diapers.

The Elly inserts are made to be doubled.  This is the comparison in length to the Alva bamboo inserts I have.

Compared to AppleCheecks stay-dry insert.

The Elly insert is folded in half for this one.  AppleCheeks again.

This shows how much the insert will shrink after being dried on low (the one dried is on the bottom).

And this shows what happens when you accidentally dry on high.  Oops!  Great thing is though - JUST as absorbent.

If you are looking for extra absorbency or a new overnight solution you will definitely want to head over to the Etsy shop (the inserts are a steal at only $4 a piece!).  And, if you have a minute, head on over and tell Annelise from Elly Diapers hello on her Facebook page.

**By the way....can you tell I have a giraffe obsession??  hehe.