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Why We Like All-In-Ones (WAHM Review)

If you didn't already know - there are quite a few different types of cloth diapers.  From covers to AIO's (All-in-Ones) to AI2's to Fitteds and soooo many more. It was very confusing for me at first.  But I am super glad that someone told me to not get all of the same kind or same brand.  When I thought I would prefer pockets, I ended up actually preferring covers.  But there is a special place in our stash for AIO's.


They are SO easy to use!  They are exactly like disposables.  Put the diaper on baby.  Once it is soiled (pee or poo), you change the diaper.  Since it is all one piece there is no un-stuffing or stuffing.  Easy peasy!  This is especially nice for Hubby, grandparents, babysitters, day care, the church nursery, or for anyone else who might be changing baby and isn't a connoisseur with cloth diapers.

We really loved AIO's when Aelah was a newborn for a couple of reasons.  One, because we were just learning this whole cloth diapering thing first hand and, two, because we had to change her so often.  But once she grew out of her newborn dipes, we didn't have any more AIO's.

Until I discovered Bubba Bee Cloth (formerly known as Kushy Tooshy)!

I received free product in exchange for an open & honest review.  No other compensation was given.  All opinions are my own.
After Kylie and her husband had their baby boy Sylas, they realized they were spending WAY too much money on disposable diapers and decided to look into cloth diapering.  However, at the time, a single cloth diaper seemed like a big purchase and it would have cost quite a bit to get a complete stash.  So Kylie started making her own diapers!  And when she realized she could do so afford-ably, she wanted to make affordable, high-quality diapers to share with other families on a tight budget!

What I think makes Bubba Bee Cloth so unique is that she makes almost every single type of diaper, starting at just $9.99: AIO's, AI2's, Pockets, Covers, AND Fitteds!  And she makes them each with the option of a detachable ruffle!  Since we already had a bunch of pockets and covers, I thought trying a One-Size (OS) AIO would be nice.

And we, of course, got the detachable ruffle to make it girly!

I absolutely cannot wait for the Fourth of July to get here!!  Super cute photo ideas for then!!  But until is a peak at our cutie patootie! 

Love, love, LOVE ,the ruffles!!!  And the fact that without the ruffles, this diaper can still work for a boy!

The diaper is OS but I'm not sure it would have fit Baby Girl before now since we have it on the smallest setting.  She is probably 14 pounds now and it fits well....but that is a guess since we don't have a scale and I haven't weighed her in a couple weeks... I did find out, however, that the OS pattern that Kylie is using is still in the testing phase.  So it will continue to get better!

Here is the smallest and the largest setting.

While not as absorbent as my pockets, this still lasts us a couple of hours and definitely contains poo well!  I actually intended to write this review a week ago but every time I would put it on Aelah, she decided it was time to poo....within minutes.  I think it happened 4 or 5 times.  Uncanny!

You can see where the insert is sewn in....

One feature that I really love about this Bubba Bee Cloth diaper is the way she puts the snaps.  They are angled much more than any other diaper I have.  This is extremely nice for us because of Aelah's body type right now.  She's got chunky thighs but her belly isn't keeping up with that chunk.  This results in me snapping the top snaps on her diaper one more snap in than the bottom snaps.  I don't have to do that with this diaper!

Hopefully you can see what I mean here...

If you are looking to try a variety of types of diapers, I highly recommend Bubba Bee Cloth!  It is a one stop WAHM shop for each type!  Pretty neat!  She also carries other "crunchy" items like "momma cloth," infinity scarves (for nursing), and reusable nursing pads.
This is her Crunchy Cloth Bundle...pretty neat! (photo courtesy of Bubba Bee Cloth)

Be sure to follow Bubba Bee Cloth on your favorite social media:

They are also working on updating their website with the new name change.  It is currently under maintenance but it looks like it will be absolutely adorable.  Check it out here.

What type of cloth diaper is your favorite and why?

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