Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learning to Begin Again

Starting over.  Everyone wants the chance at one point in time or another and we are in the midst of our new beginning.  Exciting yet scary, exhilarating yet draining...this is a roller-coaster of a chance.  There are days I'm not sure we made the right choice, like a caterpillar, I was quite comfy in my cocoon - we had jobs we loved, friends we enjoyed, and a home we had made our own.  But if a caterpillar never leaves its cocoon it never has the chance to discover something greater.  It isn't an easy transition.  The butterfly has to work hard to emerge from its cocoon and it has to patiently wait for its wings to dry before it can take flight.  Right now we are working hard and waiting patiently for quite a few things - first of all we need to find a place to live.  And we are being rather picky...sometimes I think we should just cave and take something a little below our high standards but then I don't want to give up hope.  After all, the butterfly has to work hard and be patient.  Something will come up.  I have to remember the same thing when I am looking for a job.  Work hard and be patient.  And you know what is even better than hope?  The fact that I have a big God who wants the very best for me.  He knows what I need and He will provide.  Because He has plans for me, I have hope and I have a future! (Jeremiah 29:11)  This is going to be a long journey...but every great story has a beginning.  Beginnings aren't so bad...as long as you know your story is being written well.  And the author of my story, well, He can't be beat.  I cannot wait to see what He has in store - I am ready to fly!