Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 10 Months

What a whirlwind the past month has been.  We have all been sick off and on.  One of us gets better, another gets sick (including a mild case of mastitis - ugh!).  We just seem to be stuck in an awful cycle.  I'm hoping it's behind us and that we'll be able to enjoy the Christmas season.

Boy oh boy....3 months!!

And two more...because I just can't stand the cuteness!!

How am I growing?
I think this little guy went through a growth spurt lately.  We moved to 9 month clothing finally and it seems like, in a weeks time, some of it is already too small.  Plus, he has been eating like CRAZY!  This kid loves food.  Some nights, I am certain he eats more than his sister.  I keep thinking "growth spurt" but maybe this is just our new normal...

How am I sleeping?
Still pretty decent.  But Daylight Savings really didn't help us out any.  I had *just* got him sleeping until 7 (which gives me an hour or so of time by myself in the mornings) and now I'm lucky if he sleeps past 6.  But there are some days, so I think we're getting back into a good rhythm.

What's new?
He is definitely aware of saying "Mom-Mom" and "Da-da" and he tries to communicate so much more these days (with a little less yelling).  It's fun!  Constantly mimicking noises is pretty entertaining.  We are loving this current stage.

Enjoy a few pics from the past month:

Little guy was sick for awhile.  But Momma sure enjoyed the extra snuggles.

My handsome little guy!!
Our family - and a smiling handsome little man.

He doesn't sleep well when he is away from his crib.  But Gigi and Mimi both have the magic touch.  <3

Friday, November 9, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 9 Months

This past month has been a whirlwind!  In fact, I barely even realized Obi had hit 9 months until a week late...  They say "don't blink" and with the first, that's so true...but I feel like with baby #2, it has gone even faster.

This little guy is getting his own personality for sure.  He doesn't laugh easily but smiles more often than not.  He's pretty calm unless there is food around (then - watch out!).  And he is constantly on the go and getting into things he shouldn't.  I did get him to laugh a bit a couple of weeks ago with a fake cough (odd, right?) but I have yet to get a repeat occurrence.  He does get excited and thinks that things are funny - but it has to be pretty stinkin' hilarious to get him to actually laugh.

Oh hey Mom, whatcha' doin'?

And then that silly grin comes out!

How am I growing?
At his doctor's appointment he officially came in just one once shy of 18 lbs!  And a full 29 inches long.  Aelah was a pound heavier and a half inch shorter at this point.  It's funny how different they are.  But I love my tiny, skinny man.  <3

How am I sleeping?
Sooooo much better.  I think we've finally found our groove.  It's funny - he was still up and down regularly.  Ended up getting stitches, fussed pretty bad the first couple of nights after that.  Then, as if he always had, started sleeping straight through the night.  It has been...glorious!

Stitches?  Yep!  Big sister accidentally shut his finger in her closet door when they were playing.  Yikes!  It was quite traumatic for all of us but he seems to be healing well.

After returning home from the hospital.

What's new?
TEETH!!  Two on the bottom and two on the top.  Definitely a whole new world for eating.  Speaking of eating, we have officially hit that phase where nursing is just not enough.  I used to be able to get by with just nursing if we needed to.  Now, if he doesn't have a decent lunch he turns into a bear before dinner.  Babies are for sure where the definition of "hangry" came from.  We haven't found much he doesn't like...hot sauce and maybe pickles...

And he is most definitely saying "mommom" and "daddad" but, unlike his sister, he for sure said mom first!!  ;)

Make sure to scroll through the pictures to find out just who exactly this little man looks like...


His handsome little hat!

Definitely a climber
Sissy was playing - so we thought he should join in the filter fun too!

Oops!  This picture of DADDY slid in here...but you can hardly tell a difference...

Always lookin' for Momma!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 8 Months

This boy.  He cracks me up!  He has the best sideways grin and, I swear, he already knows when he's doing things he shouldn't be.  Because that grin comes out at the most convenient times.  haha.  I think I'm still in denial that we are 3/4 of the way to one whole year!  How is that even possible?!?  I know the whole "don't blink" thing - but, wow, does it go soooooo much faster with the second child!

He loooooooves food!  We kind of break all of the rules.  He very rarely has anything mashed and the only baby food he has ever had is in a pouch.  We are ALL about "food before one is just for fun."  It's more about the experience.  So he gets pieces of what we are eating (and we are very cautious...I promise).  His favorites are cheerios, mashed potatoes, and meatballs.

And he still doesn't laugh easily.  This kid is killin' me!

Confession?  I still don't have a single picture of him developed.  😕  It's been on my to-do list for literally months at this point.  Best mom of the year award right here.  haha.

How am I growing?
Just about a week before he turned 8 months, we had a doctors appointment.  He still hasn't reached 18 lbs and that cracks me up!  I feel like he is such a little peanut.  17 lbs 10 oz, which is very close to what Aelah weighed at 6 months!! 

How am I sleeping?
Better.  Not perfect.  But much better.  I can't pin it to any one thing we did.  But after allowing him to cry it out for short amounts of time and gradually cutting out night feeds, we can usually go about 10 hours.  AND, thanks to a friend who has a baby about the same age, we started putting dilluted Lavender oil on his feet at night.  I tried it because I was desperate (and I do love oils) and now, if I forget, he usually wakes around 1 or 2.  I thought it was a fluke, but the trend seems to have proven itself.  And as I type this I realize I forgot to do that tonight....  Oye....

What's New?
He has two teeth!  They both came through at once (also a part of our sleeping problem I think).  And he's pulling up on things and trying to stand on his own (!!!).  I love seeing how fast he learns.  No wonder he has trouble sleeping with all that brain development going on!

First time IN a lake!!  He loved splashing but kept trying to eat the sand and seaweed - yuck!

He is a pretty good little shopper!

My happy little guy.  And he is happiest when he is playing with his sissy.

More "play time" as she tried to get him to sleep in our bed....

Story time!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Obadiah Ryker - 7 Months

Wow, what a month can do!!  I was so worried this kid was "behind" a month ago.  We have come leaps and bounds over the past few weeks.  I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at how quickly babies change and develop.  He is like a whole new person now, definitely coming into his own.

Unreal.  Can I just rewind for a few minutes??

How am I growing?
I don't have any measurements this time around.  But he is definitely growing.  Onsies and pants are all of a sudden too short and some outfits just don't fit the same.  Plus, I think his hair has come in quite a bit since last time.

How am I sleeping?
They say things get worse before they get better, right??  One night, a day or two before he was officially 7 months, I woke up with him at 3:15 and never went back to sleep.  To be fair - he fell asleep at 5:45...but his sister woke up at 6.  I dealt with her and talked her back into bed by a quarter after, only to have him wake for the day at 6:30. 

It.  Was.  Rough.

So, hard core sleep training began very shortly after  that.  And it worked well because I ended up work two days back-to-back, leaving me almost 5 days of being home in a row, which really helped I think.  Consistency is key...  We'll see how it all pans out next month I suppose.  ;)

What's new?
He's crawling!!  Well...scootching...  He figured it out just about a month ago now.  One morning he just woke up and decided he would go after his sister's toys.  He hasn't slowed down since.  With all of the scootching and crawling around, he finally did master sitting up well too. 

The very first day of all the excitement!!
He also figured out how to blow raspberries and I think he might be giving kisses...but I can't quite decide how intentional his slobbering all over my face is.  haha.  Every day is something new - it's quite an adventure right now!!

This picture holds a lot of weight.  This picture represents the days I started really feeling normal again.  I struggled a bit with Post-Partum Depression.  Nothing major, but enough that it was hard to love this little guy (or anyone else for that matter).  I resented him for how I felt, for how numb I was.  But sometime in this past month, it started to get better.  I could see the light.  And even when he was upset, I could just enjoy him, appreciate him, and love him.  And it felt so good!  Right before I took this picture, he fought sleep big time.  And when he finally fell asleep I didn't want to put him down, I didn't want to run away, I didn't feel exasperated or exhausted.  I felt peace.  It was a turning point.  I still have bad days...but I'm definitely on the other side of the battle.

Watching the rain!  He was amazed!!

Eating Mexican - yummmmmm!

Bending as far as he could to see Papa preaching...cracked me up!

Sitting up like a big man!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 6 Months

Comparison is awful.  I'm going to be real here for a moment (judge away if you like).  I keep catching myself comparing Obi to where Aelah was at this point.  In fact, I read her 6 month blog and started to worry a bit.  Am I not being attentive as I was with her?  Is it because I'm not as intentional?  Is he doomed to be behind because he is child #2 and my hands are a bit more full than they were when I had Aelah?  Am I not giving him enough attention?

But I have to remind myself that they are different kids and just because they don't meet milestones at the same time, doesn't mean ANYthing!  So I refocus on what he IS doing, pray to rid myself of worry, and love my baby boy!

Yay for 6 months!!  I still cannot believe we are here!  I wish the baby stage would last longer (excluding the whole not sleeping part) - he is so mobile and so wiggly...he is hard to snuggle or hold much anymore.  My baby is almost mobile!  He is trying so hard to figure out how to move forward.  He does manage to go everywhere by simply rolling though.  haha.  Life is a whole lot more interesting now that he doesn't stay contained to one place.

How am I growing?
Like crazy!  In two months he almost gained 3 pounds and 3 inches.  Still not quite to 17 lbs, he is 16 lbs and 14 oz (38th percentile) and is tall - 27 3/4 inches long (90th percentile).  My tiny little man.  <3

How am I sleeping?
Meh.  Definite regression.  He hit a growth spurt where he was eating every couple hours.  Ever since then he has been off.  Every time we have 2 or 3 nights of solid sleep (at least 6 hours), I think we're getting somewhere...then the next night is worse.  And I don't have the patience or energy I did the first time around.  Why doesn't anyone tell you how hard sleep training is when you have more than one kid??  haha.  We'll get there eventually.  I'm holding out hope!  And, besides, it's better than two months ago.  Progress is progress, right??

What's new?
He is trying SO hard to crawl.  And officially sitting on his own for short amounts of time.  Plus we've started Baby Led Solids at meal times - kind of skipping purees.  He usually gets a stick or chunk of whatever we are eating.  Big enough to gnaw on.  It's more about the experience and less about eating.  Breastmilk will still be his number one form of nutrition for awhile.  We went this route with Aelah and I've never regretted it.  WAY easier than spoon feeding, a *little* less messy (at this point anyways), and it's supposed to help make kids less picky with other various benefits.  He LOVES it.  But it also means that I cannot eat ANY thing without him getting pretty angry.  haha.  Momma MUST share.  :)

His first ER visit.  Fever spiked to 103.  Though we didn't know it until a few days later, it was Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  By the end of the week, we all had it.  It. Was. Rough.  But Obi handled it with style - barely knew he was sick after this...

My rainbow baby.  <3

First time at Vacation Bible School - snuggling with Mimi!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 5 Months

I can't say too much happened during the past month.  It flew by for Momma - been struggling with finding a work/life/kids balance.  And it is rough!  But little man just keeps on making me smile.

How am I growing?
I don't have any measurements this time around.  BUT, I am *fairly* positive we just had a recent growth spurt.  All of the sudden some of his outfits are pretty snug! 

What's new?
He is officially laughing!  And at the most random things.  I've *almost* gotten a laugh while playing with him on the changing table or during tummy time.  But two times he has had the most genuine belly laughs: First, at a friends house.  They have a golden retriever named Levi who Obi apparently thinks is hilarious.  We were eating outside and Levi started barking at something and Obi just started laughing and laughing.  That persisted throughout the night.  Levi got right in his face and barked a couple of times - Obi would startled and then laugh.

It. Was. Adorable.  But NOTHING could get him to laugh like that again....

And then, just yesterday, his sister got him to laugh while splashing him.  It didn't last long though.  After the first few splashes, he was pretty much over it.

AND he loves trying to sit up.  He is going to have a crazy six-pack.   ; )

How am I sleeping?
What can I say?  This whole sleep thing is like a roller-coaster.  One minute I think we've got it down and the next, we're up and down all over again.  The last two weeks he was up two or three times a night.  And it has been killing me.  BUT, fingers crossed, the past 3 or 4 nights have been much better.  Sometimes he is up only once.  Other times, it is twice, but he goes back to sleep very quickly one of those times. 

A lot of people have suggested starting solids or rice cereal.  But, with Aelah, I had read a ton on the subject.  Without a lot of the knowledge at this point, I do remember that starting either of those things doesn't necessarily help with sleep.  AND, we are firm advocates of waiting to introduce anything but breast milk until after 6 months due to the gut being immature.  But that point isn't too far away.  Once he is able to sit on his own, we plan to start introducing a few solids via baby led weaning (aka baby led solids).  Not a ton of purees and mostly a bit of what we eat.  After all, "food before one is just for fun."  However, I am definitely anxious to see if it does help his sleep or not.

Eye-balling my pizza during a picnic outside!

The only one looking at the camera....  <3

Monday, June 11, 2018

Obadiah Ryker: 4 Months

So much has happened in this past month!!  Little man is becoming his own little person.  He is talking more and more, entertaining himself for short bits of time, standing (with assistance) as much as he can, and changing every single day.

He also got to meet his family in Michigan!  6 more aunts and uncles and 7 cousins...he was surely loved.  And Aelah loved showing off her baby brother.  We did learn, however, that he doesn't like to travel.  Sleeping in the car is a no-go for this guy.  Maybe, and I mean, maybe we would get a 45 minute stretch (at home he'll sleep almost 3 hours)...and then he was pretty fussy while he was awake.  We turned an 8 hour trip into 12 - with about two hours of that being intentional "stop and stretch" time.  Definitely a couple of long days - but glad he got to meet the rest of his family.

How am I growing?
He's definitely a small little guy.  And we love that about him.  Some of his 3-6 month stuff is still too big!  His official measurements for this month are 14 lbs 2 oz (33rd percentile) and 25.5 inches (68th percentile).  Under weight and a little tall.  At this point, Aelah was in 6-9 month clothing and weighed over a pound more than he does now!  Here's a comparison photo.  For everyone who thinks he looks like Aelah...I think you might be right....

What's New?
He rolled for the first time (back to front) just days after turning 3 months and not shortly after that he rolled the other way (belly to back) but he forgets he can do that from time to time.  Belly time is still the worst - if we make it two minutes without a melt down we're doing great!  We also dedicated Obi to the Lord this month.  It was a great day - perfect weather for a patio lunch after church and time with all of our favorite people (missing just a few).

How am I sleeping?
We definitely hit the 3-4 month sleep regression shortly after turning 3 months.  It was rough.  I felt like everything we had accomplished had gone out the window.  He was no longer able to self-soothe and was waking more often than ever.  After a crash-course refresher, I was reminded that it's right about this time that sleep cycles actually start to occur.  It isn't all deep sleep all the time.  Plus there's a ton of development.  And, apparently, Aelah did the same thing about this time.  So, instead of what I thought I should do - make bedtime later, I actually did the opposite and made bedtime earlier.  It worked!  Bed between 6:30 and 7, up once to eat, and then wakes for the day between 6:30 and 7.  Plus two solid naps during the day.  It isn't always perfect.  But we're finding some sort of rhythm.  And I'm glad for that.

Now for some pics!

At his Great Aunt Linda's wedding...looking dapper!

Baby feet!!

Easily my favorite picture right now.

All set for a pool day with his cousins!