Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bump Update: 40 Weeks

Unreal.  I never ever thought I'd be writing this bump update.  Thought for sure our Little Sprout would come before now.  But she is being so stubborn.  Just like her Daddy.  ;)  

We haven't made any more progress since a little over two weeks ago - still 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  The PA was a little shocked I was there this week, apparently he was pretty sure I would have this baby over the weekend.  But I didn't....  We kind of started talking about induction since we've reached my due date.  But as long as she and I are doing okay, we will try to postpone it as long as we can..  Especially since we got pregnant, when we weren't trying, the first cycle after our miscarriage.  I'm highly irregular anyways and I know I don't ovulate in the typical window that most women do.  So there is a very good likelihood that my due date is inaccurate.  We shall see.  Just so long as she is safe and healthy, we are happy!  :)

Picture time!

Not sure if it is the clothes or the way my hands were sitting but I feel like my belly looks so small in this pic...

But then again....maybe not.  lol.

Bigger???  I didn't measure any bigger at my doc appointment this week....but I think I can see a difference....

Amazing the difference 10 weeks makes!!  Seriously.  Whoa!

This week, baby is as big as: A small pumpkin!  Pretty appropriate for the time of year.  But not very comforting to a Momma preparing for labor.  ;)

Next appointment: I have a Bio-Physical Profile and a Nonstress Test tomorrow and Monday morning. And then an appointment Monday afternoon.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my appointment on Tuesday I had gained 2 lbs since Thursday.  Guess I need to lay off those EL Fudge cookies.  ;)

Exercise: Really should be better about this.  I've really slacked off with not having a "schedule."  And maybe if I get some more walking time in this little lady will decide to join us!  

Maternity Clothes: I've managed to get away with sweats and a t-shirt at home - though my belly does stick out a little.  It's just much more comfortable than an elastic band somewhere mid-belly.  :P 

Sleep: Pretty good for the most part.  I've been letting myself wake up on my own time (instead of an alarm) lately since I know I need to rest and it has been about an hour or so after my usual wake up time.  Which drives me crazy.  haha.  But I know rest is best at this point.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.   

Movement: She'll have days where she is pretty calm and then there are the days she is super active.  Some days it is fun for me and other days just a little painful.  I think her daddy got to feel her more than ever the past few days.  Sunday he was playing with her foot (or knee) on my side and kept laughing.  And then Monday night he was laying his hand on my belly and she just kept moving everywhere.  He loves it!  And I absolutely love those moments.     

What I Miss: Thinking this little lady was going to come early.  Ha!

What I'm Loving: As noted just a moment ago - Hubby being able to bond with Baby Girl a bit more.  He is so ready for her to be here.  He keeps telling her it's time to come out so he can see her.  Super sweet.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting to see her soon!  And the Bio Physical Profile should be at least a little interesting tomorrow since it is basically a really long ultrasound. Not looking forward to the Non Stress Test though....  

Best Moment This Week: .Hubby getting to feel Baby Girl so much.

Milestones: Everything is good to go!  She is just busy gaining more pudge to keep her warm.  ;)

Goals:  Finished my thank you cards!  Just have a few addresses to get so I can send the last few out.  And I think we might actually get to hang pics in Baby Girl's room sometime over the next few days.  Since it is rainy Hubby doesn't have much to do around the house so hoping we can get that accomplished.  Outside of that my goal is to have this baby!!  ;)


  1. I don't think you necessarily look bigger from one week to the next... but I think she def looks like she's even lower! I keep wondering about you!!! I figure if you disappear from FB for any length of time that she is on her way! Haha! Though I hope someone will post and tag you or something so we can all see if you're in the hospital! :) Good luck. I hope you don't have to induce. My doctor likes to induce to be convenient for his schedule. He wanted me induced with #2... and I told him NO.... she came that day! I know it's different for everyone - but I'll be praying for you guys! - Devon

    1. I'm trying to keep everyone updated - there are so many people who are praying. We appreciate it so much! NST showed mild contractions yesterday but nothing consistent or strong at all. But she is doing well and fluid levels are still normal. Hoping for the same on Monday so I can talk them out of induction for at least a little while longer. ;)


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