Monday, October 13, 2014

WAHM Review: Naturekins Nursing Pads

I received the product to review for free in exchange for an honest review.  There was no monetary exchange.

Barbara from Naturekins was a pleasure to work with, as have been most of the Mommas in this series.  However, Barbara is very unique in that she is a work at home mom from Canada!  She is a mom to three little girls and truly enjoys creating eco-friendly products!

She sent me a set of contoured nursing pads to review.  And I love them!  

Nice packaging is always a plus!

And I love how she includes this card with each set to show exactly what you are getting - she sent me a set for heavy leaking.

She has a ton of options as far as material go, here is a close up of what mine are:

Bamboo is super absorbent and, of course, I love that it is organic!

Barbara's nursing pads are unique because they are contoured and sized in order to prevent them showing through your bra and shirt.  Since I am currently a C-cup (thanks to being pregnant), she sent me the C-D size since I'll probably gain another cup size once my milk comes in.  They fit nicely now and I imagine will do well later on.  Here are a couple of pictures so that you can see the contour

Outer side

Inner side

5 Stars - I love that Barbara has worked so hard to prevent her pads from being seeing through your clothing as I hear that is a common problem.

I think the quality of these nursing pads is fabulous!  You can tell that they are handmade but you can also see the quality.  I have no doubt these will last me the next year as I breastfeed!  

Look at that stitching!  Pretty snazzy for a WAHM.  ;)

5 Stars

Barbara's customer service is great!  She was super willing to work with me and explained everything super thoroughly.  If you had any issues, I'm sure she would handle it professionally and graciously.

5 Stars

She was even kind enough to include some breastfeeding tips for new moms!  Which I personally loved!  I've made a mental note of more than one of these:

1. Avoid a terrible night experience by wearing nursing pads for the first 4 days at night even if you don't know if you will leak.  Waking up with wet sheets is no fun when sleep is a rare treat in those first few days.

2. Buy athletic tops with a build in bra to use as a night shirt so you have a way to keep your nursing pads in place without having to wear an uncomfortable bra at night.

3. Pack a pair of nursing pads in your purse and in your diaper bag...permanently.  So that way you are never without a pair.

4. If you get cracked nipples, turn the nursing pads so the wool side is out or buy all wool pads that keep the moisture away from the nipple.  This is also great when fighting thrush!

5. Make your own nursing tops by simply using your regular tops and putting a tank top underneath that you have cut the breast area out of.  This method prevents the exposed belly feeling when nursing that makes many new moms feel embarrassed.  I (Bri) also stumbled across this DIY Nursing Tank tutorial that I plan to try!  Found a ton of cami's at a yard sale for ten cents each - hoping for that to be my next project!

6. An inflatable nursing pillow is a low cost and great item for travel and home use.  Nursing pillows help prevent back strain and make a good latch easier.  Plus, the inflatable ones take up a lot less room!

I definitely would recommend Naturekins.  And I can't wait to give you all an update once I am able to actually use these!  I'm thinking these might be my favorite reusable nursing pads.  Barbara also makes a ton of adorably cute hats!  A lot of which are upcycled - which is super neat!

5 Stars

Head on over to Naturekins Etsy shop and do some shopping!  Let her know that Learning to Be 31 sent you!  BONUS: Right now the nursing pads are Buy One Get One Free!  


  1. Ha! I had to snicker at your comment about your cup size going up one size when your milk comes in. I hope for your sake that you are so lucky! Try going up THREE sizes! Yes, 3.... and I am busty to begin with! Luckily after the first couple of months (once you're regulated) it doesn't quite seem as bad.... but it def was a shocker - at least my first time around!! Also... I ALWAYS wore nursing pads (night and day)... even if I wasn't leaking, I did NOT want to be caught (espec in public) without protection! Yikes! :)

    I keep thinking of you - wondering if you're on your way to the hospital!! So looking fwd to hearing the news!!

    1. Oh, I also have to mention - I went up three sizes AFTER having already gone up two during pregnancy.... Yes folks, that's a whole FIVE sizes bigger than normal. Totally worth it though... totally worth it!

    2. I sure hope I don't go up 3 cup sizes! Yikes! But who knows! But we'll adjust no matter what. :)

      Not on the way to the hospital yet and I don't think today will be the day but I do have an appointment in just a couple of hours so we shall see if there is any progress. :)

  2. Yes you want to have nursing pads with you at all times. You don't want to have any accidents when you are out and about. Nursing tanks are so comfy. Nipple cream is great to use before and after feedings. Lansinoh has a THERA PEARL 3-in-1 Breast therapy. Using your blow dryer after a feeding helps too.


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