Friday, October 10, 2014

Bump Update: 39 Weeks

I have to be honest.  On Sunday I was sure I wouldn't be writing this bump update.  So many different things were changing in my body.  I just felt off.  At church I leaned against Hubby and said "I think we're going to have a baby by the end of the week."  He agreed.  But here we are...Friday morning and still no baby.  However, we are officially 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  but that isn't much change from a week ago.  So who knows when Baby Girl will decide to make her appearance.  She is her own person after all.  ;)

It all feels so very unreal.  Life is just moving forward as usual (for the most part).  But literally, at any moment, this precious little miracle could decide to come.  And then life as usual won't be life as usual anymore.  We will be thrown into a new normal all at once.  And I am SO excited and SO nervous all at the same time.  It is impossible to prepare for something like that, isn't it??

Well, here are this weeks pics:

Can you tell I'm exhausted?  haha.

Whoa belly!

And another up close and personal belly shot because Mom has to have one.  haha.

Definite changes I think.  She dropped all at once on Saturday...I could feel it and it wasn't pleasant.  And she is definitely still growing.  According to the ultrasound (which can be off by like 3 lbs) she is 7 lbs 12 oz.  Pretty average for now.

This week, baby is as big as: Both apps still say Watermelon today.  But the one clarified that it is a smaller watermelon.  I suppose that's a good thing....right??

Next appointment: Tuesday.  Super close!  Can't believe that our Little Sprout (who isn't much of a little sprout anymore) will be here any day!!  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've had 2 appointments since my last update (one last Friday and one today) and between the two I have gained about 3-4 lbs.  Not sure exactly.  But that puts me at 17 pounds over pre-pregnancy and a total of 27 pounds gained throughout the pregnancy since I lost 10 to begin with.  Which is right on target!

Exercise: Ha.  Yeah....  I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday and the floors today.  Does that count?

Maternity Clothes: Every single day.  Very glad I ordered those other two pairs of pants.  It has been too chilly for shorts...even with my own personal space heater in my belly.  ;)

Sleep: Not too bad with the exception of bathroom breaks.  I've been able to get back to sleep pretty quickly which doesn't always happen.  And I've learned to just give into the need for a nap.  Everyone keeps telling me to get my rest and my body just can't go like it used naps it is!  :)

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Nothing this week. 

Movement:  All the time.  She is still so active.  And she still really loves my rib cage even though she has dropped significantly.  I think this girl is destined to be long like her mommy & daddy...just sayin.  

What I Miss: Definitely my energy.  I feel so unproductive with having to take more breaks.  And I miss being able to concentrate and focus - my brain just isn't working any more (no comments please).  haha.  And I do miss sushi.

What I'm Loving: How ready and not ready Hubby is.  I think when it actually comes down to it he will be very stoic and put together (most likely because I'll be a little panicky) but he is too funny when he has his momentary "freak out" moments when I'm in pain or what not.  However, he has really been taking care of me and checking in so often.  I love how much he cares.   
What I'm Looking Forward To: I know it sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to actually having consistent contractions.  I think I'm ready for the real deal.  ;) 

Best Moment This Week: .We had another ultrasound because she is still consistently measuring behind.  I love being able to see our Little Sprout!  All is well.  And the tech even commented on how chubby her cheeks are.  I love chunky baby cheeks so I can't wait to see them in person!


Goals:  Started thank you cards!!  I think I'm about half way done.  I may actually get them finished before Baby Girl comes!!  :D  

I also made it to the State Police department to have the car seat inspected and the trooper I dealt with was awesome.  We couldn't get the recline position right and she got it all fixed up.  My brother put her swing together and he is currently attaching our diaper sprayer so that's two more things checked off of Hubby's list!  He's pretty happy about that.

Still need to get pics hung in the babies room.  But really not anything that has to be done before she comes.  Which is nice.


  1. Hooray! I love the anticipation from 37 weeks on! Just knowing the baby could be coming any time! Is that weird? haha! Are you going to post FB updates - well, I should say - is someone ELSE going to post them for you during labor? I personally didn't want every "friend" reading updates with my last delivery - so I started a private FB group for close family and friends. I updated during my labor at home... and the plan was to have someone update as I was in the hospital... but then it all happened so fast that the next update was SHE'S HERE! haha! I've been keeping up with it through belly pics and appointment updates thus far (which is why you never see them on my regular FB page)... and will try the labor thing again in a month or 2! Anyway... even without updates - I'll be excited to hear your news! WOO HOO! You'll do great! -Devon

    1. The private FB group thing is a cool idea! I don't know how often we will update. Probably that we're on our way to the hospital but that might be it. Just depends on how things go I guess. And then I think Mom will post a pic once Baby Girl arrives and everyone that needs to be contacted has been. Thanks for all of your encouragement - it really means so very much.

  2. So exciting to be so close! I'm 32 weeks and the anticipation is building!
    I also really love the idea of a personal FB group for family and close friends to share pics and updates with!

    1. Those last few weeks FLEW by for me! Most of the pregnancy has bee relatively slow but I feel like I went from 6-9 months in a matter of seconds. Praying you have a safe and healthy delivery AND baby!!


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