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WAHM Review (+Giveaway): Scoots McGhee

I was given this product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review.  There was no monetary exchange.
Marcie from Scoot's McGhee is another one of those mommas whose paths I am so glad that I crossed.  She has been so much fun to work with!

Due to some rather recent unfortunate circumstances, Marcie found herself a single mom.  Wanting want was best for her little one, she decided to pick up a trade in order to make money from home, because in her eyes, staying home was the best decision for her family.  So just this past April, Marcie taught herself how to sew.  After a month of many tears, she perfected the pattern she uses to make her cloth diapers and now feels more fulfilled than ever!

The cloth diapers you will find at Scoots McGhee are cloth diaper covers.  Marcie makes covers because, in her words, "I don't feel like cloth diapering has to be really complicated, you just need a waterproof cover and something absorbent (could be as simple as a couple of wash rags) and it can still be ridiculously cute!"

And her diapers definitely are!

Check out the two that she sent me:

Purpleicious...but the back is my favorite!

Peacocks!!  And that ruffle matches so beautifully!

Leopard print!!

Seriously - can you see the outfit potential here?!?!
5 Stars, 5 adorable little stars!

So are they as practical as Marcie implies?  I sure think so!  When I first started looking into cloth diapers I wanted the easiest, most affordable option out there.  One, so that we could save money.  And two, so that Hubby wouldn't be overwhelmed.  The answer in the blogosphere seemed to scream pocket diapers - which is what most of my stash is comprised of.  However, just a couple of months ago, I stumbled across the beauty of covers and All-in-Twos.  Most of the time, just the "stuffing" has to be replaced when the diaper is dirtied, the cover can simply be wiped out and reused (unless it got really messy).  Plus, you can stuff them with whatever you like - prefolds, flats, inserts, or even wash rags as Marcie mentioned!  Here is what the inside of her covers looks like:

Just a simple, wipe-able water-proof liner.
5 Stars - Daddy, grandparent, and day care approved!

Another awesome little fact?  The ruffles are detachable!  Looking for something super spunky?  Need a cute addition to an outfit?  Or maybe your little one has a photo shoot coming up?  Adorable ruffle to the rescue!  But maybe you just need a diaper for the day.  Easy fix - take the ruffle off!

Snap on, snap off.

She uses clear snaps so you can't even tell they are there when the ruffle is off.
5 Stars

The quality of Marcie's diapers are fantastic!  You would never know that she learned how to sew and perfected her pattern just this year!  She has a had a few Mom's test and can proudly say that no one has had any issues with leaking or wicking!  Which is awesome!  The stitching is fantastic and her size range is pretty phenomenal. Here are the size differences:

The purple peacock diaper is obviously se on the largest setting and the leopard print is set to the smallest.

Largest leg opening - obviously much bigger than you would probably need, but great to know if you have a chunky monkey!  ;)

Smallest leg opening.
5 Stars

I already mentioned how nice it was to work with Marcie.  She was always a pleasure to talk to and has been super understanding with the ups and downs of my pregnancy.  I've had to postpone this review a couple of times for a couple of different reasons and she has been nothing but sweet about it.  I have no doubt that her customer service would be absolutely phenomenal and that she would go out of her way to make any issues right.

5 phenomenal stars!

You can probably already guess how I feel about Scoots McGhee over all.  Great store!  Great work-at-home mom!  Doesn't get much better!  Definitely highly recommended in my book.  And don't forget to check out the Scoots McGhee Facebook Page.  Let's send this mama some likes!

5 Stars

Head on over to the Scoots McGhee Etsy Shop and get some shopping done!  ;)

One reader will win the leopard print diaper pictured above!  I had to have Hubby pick which one we would keep because I love them both!  Enter using the Giveaway Tool.


  1. I hope it counts since I fav'd it on Etsy already.... but I like the Tie Dye diaper. It could be used without the ruffles for a boy... which, in my case may (or may not) be beneficial!

    1. I always go that route too! I debated whether or not the leopard print could be "gender neutral" - I had a Tarzan thing going in my head. But Hubby said absolutely not. haha.

  2. I love the Halloween cloth diaper cover, halloween photo prop, cute halloween diaper, halloween monsters. It is so cute

  3. I love Halloween baby, noche de los muertos, sugar skulls, Cloth Diaper Cover

  4. The 90s themed diaper cover, cassette tape diaper cover is unique and adorable!

  5. OMG. THIS! Sugar Skulls diaper cover!!
    She has the bib and paci clip to match!

  6. I love the aqua chevron, pink and grey diaper cover with detachable ruffle.
    It is so adorable, I favorited this one on etsy too!!

  7. When will the winner be announced? :)

    1. Winner has already been chosen. Just forgot to put it on the Giveaway Tool. So sorry!!


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