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Baby Stuff: Gender Reveal Party (FREE Printables)

So our gender reveal was about 5 months ago.  I've been meaning to write this post since that week but life is just full of surprises - especially when preparing for a baby.  ;)

I have this thing about pink - not a big fan.  So when we started planning our party I knew I didn't want the typical blue & pink.  So to Pinterest I went.  Don't you just love the ease of finding a million ideas in one place?  It's like stepping into a meeting where everyone is trying to talk at once and you can't take any one thing in completely.  But I was determined.  And after some searching, instead of blue & pink, I settled on mustaches and lips!

After looking at wording for probably close to 100 different gender reveal invites, I blended a few together and created my own.  This is the finished product (personal info covered):

I am a perfectionist so putting this all together took a bit longer than it probably should have.  ;)

We had the party outside and we were on a very tight budget so I kept our decor to a minimum and included things we already had around the house.

I had the "Love" piece hanging in our apartment before we moved - glad I remembered it for the party!  It was perfect!
Basically, everything decor wise was set up at or around this table.  I found the printable for the mustache and lip photo props here (thank you Pinterest).  I only had popsicle sticks so that's what we used, but you could definitely do something different....

At the table, there was a place for everyone to vote on what they thought Baby Sherman was going to be:

Please excuse my horrible handwriting.  I have tried for years to change it but to no avail.  :P

And then we had a place for everyone to write name suggestions.  We pretty much had it narrowed down to two girls names and two boys names at this point.  But everyone loved putting their two cents in - and some people really had fun with it!  ;)

The chalkboard clips were leftover from my parents anniversary party and I had the red, black, and white notepad.  And of course, I only picked out our red and black pens.  ;)

Then we hung some of the old wives tales as well as our ultrasound pics on the tree above the table.  It was really amusing how many people consulted the wives tales before casting their vote!  ;)

Yes, I did break down and spend a little to buy some chalkboard paper at Micheals.  BUT, I did have a 50% off coupon!  ;)

We have SO many more pics now.  Even got one of her sticking out her tongue!  ;)

The cake was a surprise - but we only got a small one.  So I made cupcakes and DIY'ed some cupcake toppers with PicMonkey.  For this FREE PRINTABLE just right click the second image below and save as.  You should be able to print as an 8x10 from there.

You can do the toppers front and back but I chose to do one-sided because of time issues.  ;)

Right Click and Save As - Enjoy!

And here is the cake reveal.  For those that don't know how this works.  We got a sealed envelope from our ultrasound tech with a picture that revealed the gender.  I took that envelope (unopened to our baker.  If you are local we got it from Cake Shotts.  I simply gave her the invitation as well as the ultrasound pic and this is what she came up with.  We absolutely LOVED it!  She dyed the inside pink or blue depending on what the ultrasound picture revealed.  :)  That way, when we cut the cake everyone would find out at the same time if we were having a boy or girl.

Just darling isn't it??

Let me tell you....we set the time for the reveal 45 minutes after the start of the party.  And it came FAST.  If I could do it again, I would probably make it an hour.  I felt like everyone had just arrived and I was rushing inside to grab the cake.  That extra 15 minutes would have been really nice.

Here we come with the cake!!  It is so funny to me that I thought I looked pregnant that day.....

Cutting the cake was so exciting!  I was SO nervous.  Would it be pink?  Would it be blue?  I knew we wouldn't be disappointed either way - we are so tremendously happy just to be having a baby!  I just had these crazy butterflies.  It was fun!  Hubby and I decided to cut it together:

I peeked inside and said quite loudly.....

"It's Pink!!"  hehe.  Baby Girl was officially announced!  My mom's reaction might be my favorite:  

And I love the expression on Hubby's face....
 While I was overjoyed in that instant, I think it took a little bit for it to all sink in....Hubby had to cut a whole piece out before I really responded:

And there it is.... We're having a little girl!!

We are SO thrilled to be bringing a precious little lady into this world.  And we cannot wait to meet her!  I hope you enjoyed perusing our day.  

I am always anxious to hear from my  Did you have a gender reveal party?  Did you already know and keep it a secret?  Or were your surprised as well?  How did you reveal?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. So fun! It's nice you guys chose to do it this way and have others involved - (and keep you in a little more suspense besides just finding out at your ultrasound). LOVED your mom's reaction! So glad someone caught it on camera! That's one for the memory book! You obviously know we don't know the gender of ours.... we didn't find out with our first 2 either. Something about waiting to find out when the baby is born just seems more exciting to us. Keeps everyone else in suspense too! Though it does make it tough when deciding on a name! We're still playing that game..... soon enough though! Anyway - congrats!


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