Friday, January 30, 2015

Save Money on Groceries - No Coupons Needed!

Who likes to save money??  I know I sure do!  And now that we are down to one income I have been on the lookout to save even more than we already do!

During my searches for work-from-home opportunities and ways to make a little extra money here & there, I discovered Ibotta!  And I love it!

I probably won't strike it rich, but I will make some money with little effort.  And who doesn't love that?  You are definitely going to want to check this out.

So how can Ibotta (pronounced I bought a....) save me money on groceries??  Here is how it works:

There are a couple of ways to earn money.  

1. You can shop online through Ibotta and get cash back, much like Ebates.

2. You can submit (scan) a receipt or link your loyalty card and get cash back for certain purchases.

It's actually kind of fun!  I ran to Walmart to grab a few essentials the other day: milk, bread, eggs, etc.  Came home, scanned a few things (may have taken me 5 minutes) and I made $1.25!  It takes me longer than that to clip coupons.

The neat part?  You can work with your team to earn more!  Ibotta can connect to your Facebook to start building team (this is pretty neat) but you can also invite people to join your team.  The bigger your team, the faster you earn.

So I'm asking you all - do you want to start earning money back on your groceries??  Join my team!  You can go here to sign up or you can download the app and use the referral code: tyjrokq.

As a thank you for joining my team, I'm hosting a fun little giveaway.  One reader who joins my Ibotta team will win a surprise gift from me that will arrive at an unknown (surprise) time during 2015.  Don't you just love surprises?!?

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