Monday, January 19, 2015

Aelah Grace: 3 Months

No way is this possible.  We have a 3 month old!!  Not cool.  It seriously flies by so fast.  Everyone tells you.  And I believed them.  I just didn't realize how fast it would fly.  haha.  She is the best thing.

SO much has changed since her 1 Month post.  Especially since I didn't really do much of anything at 2 Months.  Lame I know.  

Lots of new & exciting things!

Whoa baby......

I didn't even want to put her in that basket.  I didn't want to know how much she has grown.  It kills me.

How am I growing?

Well, at her 2 month appointment shew as 11 lbs, 13 oz and 24 and a half inches long.  Still very average for weight but literally off the chart for her length!  As the doctor phrased it, "she is above the 98th percentile."  We weighed her at a friends house last week and she is 13.6 lbs.  I'm sure she is longer too but we haven't measured her.  She is just about to grow out of her 3-6 month clothing....crazy child!  ;)

What's new?

What isn't new might be the better question.  In the past week and a half she has become an entirely different baby.  Again....killing me....

She went from the occasional coo here and there to "talking."  Her favorite person to talk to is her daddy and the bees on her swing.  hehe. 

She rolled over for the first time!!  But she hasn't been super proactive about it since.  Just a couple of times...

Keep on rollin'

She has laughed out loud...well, giggled..., while she was awake, a few times now!  They are few and far between and pretty random but they are the sweetest little giggles.  And they make us laugh pretty hard.

We also had her dedicated yesterday.  And it was such a special day.  We have an amazing church family and I am beyond grateful that they will be a part of her life.  I pray that God has big plans for our little lady and that we are able to raise her to walk in His path.

Beautiful Moment

Beautiful Baby

How are we sleeping?

Another big step about a week and a half ago was moving her into her crib!  I am 100% sure that this was harder on me than it was for her.  I liked having her in the bassinet next to the bed so I could see her and hear her breathing.  But it has gone wonderfully having her in her own room.  I sleep much better.  And she has done awesome!

She sleeps about 10-11 hours a night and I usually only have to wake up once to feed her.  Sometimes she will wake to eat before we go to bed or after I wake up (and occasionally I use her as an alarm clock.  haha) but, I don't mind that as much.  ;)

We have been letting her "cry it out" a little bit.  We discovered she fusses just as much if we are bouncing, rocking, patting, etc. as she does when she is laying in her bed.  I combined a couple of different methods I have done with children I worked with as well as some I've read and it is really working for us.

Sometime between 8 and 8:30 we change her into her PJ's.  Then once she seems sleepy we lay her down in the crib (usually by 8:45 at the latest).  Sometimes she talks and falls asleep on her own.  Other times she fusses or cries.  If she does fuss, we set a timer for 3 minutes.  Then one of us, usually Daddy, goes in to pat her and soothe her.  But we never pick her up.  If she keeps fussing we set the timer again, but for 5 minutes.  I go in at 5 minutes.  If I can get her to calm down, I leave the room.  If she doesn't calm down, I try to nurse her.  Usually she eats because she "tanks up" as I refer to it before falling asleep.  And then we start the process over if needed.  Now that she is 3 months, I may add a 10 minute increment in there.  But I'm not sure she will need it...   

What do you do for a sleep routine??


  1. We did a similar sleep method with our first two...they are awesome sleepers. Audra is a different story. She does not want to be put down. I think I would categorize her as "high needs " in that she will scream bloody murderer if we lay her down. Talk about exhausting... and I was hoping she'd be our "laid back " baby. Total opposite. But instead of getting upset (though I have my moments) ..I just try to remember that it does go so fast and if I have to hold her...well I should just enjoy it while I can. I sure hope we can get her to sleep out of our arms at night soon though. So.tired. doctor says to let her just scream.. but I have never heard a baby scream like she does - and normally I'm ok with crying it out (within reason) . Audra is 0 to 50 in no time. *sigh* I am off to try to lay her down now. Thank goodness for a kindle or I might lose my mind from boredom sometimes!

    1. Oh dear!!! Crazy how different they can each be. I am super thankful Aelah has been so easy. We did have that month or so of colic (which felt like years) but the chiropractor fixed that. I can't imagine how hard that is. Praying she decides to sleep on her own soon!

      And my kindle is my best friend in the middle of the night. I have gotten so much more reading done in the past 3 months then probably the past 3 years!!


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