Monday, August 11, 2014

WAHM Review (+ Giveaway): Nicole's Breast Friends *CLOSED*

I am so excited to bring you yet another wonderful organic product!

Nicole realized with her second child that she had foolishly wasted a ton of money on disposable breast pads.  So, she decided to make her own.  And since she is an artist, she had to make sure they were stylish - and eco-friendly to boot!  :)  
After 10 years of selling her art professionally with Target & Costco (awesome right!?!), she decided to open up her own shop, selling her new creations.  Which is how Nicole's Breast Friends was born.  She loves catering to mom's that are looking for earth-friendly products for themselves and their babies.  Now her business has expanded from breast pads to include cloth diapers, adorable photo props. and so much more!  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Who knew snails could be so adorable!?!

And isn't this crocheted hat just to die for?

Her diapers look pretty high quality and so cute!

This is a car seat or stroller pad!  Waterproof barrier - genius!

Another awesome side-note - Nicole is an official Zulily vendor (LOVE Zulily!).  Her first sale with them was such a big hit that her nursing pads sold out on the first day!  How neat is that!?!

She sent me two sets of nursing pads - one to keep and review, and one to giveaway to one of you all!
Even the packaging is adorable!

5 Stars!

Granted, they do look a little less cute after the first washing.  But still - they are a lot cuter than disposables!  ;)  Or even plain old breast pads.

A little less frilly is all....

These breast pads are made of 1 layer of natural flannel (oh so soft), 2 layers of organic bamboo cotton (which is naturally antibacterial, awesome!), 1 layer of PUL (waterproof barrier), and 1 outer layer of 100% cotton.  She even has lux breast pads that include a layer of velour for added softness and moisture wicking.  It should be noted that the pads she sent me are for average leakage.  For mommas that have a heavy let down, you will want overnight or extra thick pads.  

The quality is phenomenal.  They are so soft!  And so well made.

Front frilly side...

Back side - what lies against your skin - so soft!

5 Soft and Cozy Stars

5 Stars

As far as her price point, from what I can tell, Nicole is just a teensy bit cheaper than the similar leading brand.  So that's awesome!  Plus, you can order sets which makes them even cheaper.  And her sets are so fun since they are so matchy.  ;)

Love these colors!

5 Stars

I was going to test absorbency for you all.  But as of yet, I have no clue what is good or bad.  And no other breast pads to compare to.  Though I do have a pair of Bamboobies coming in the mail...  But, as you know, I plan on doing an update series after baby and I will definitely touch on absorbency for Nicole's breast pads during that!

Working with Nicole was simple and easy.  She provided adequate information without ever having to be asked.  And it was like talking to a friend, she was very candid and fun.  It's these types of people I really enjoy doing business with!  She even sent a cute little note for me...which I think is going the extra mile.  Love it!

A very much appreciated personal touch!
5 Stars.  Hands Down.  Would give her more if I could.  ;)

Overall, these beautiful organic breast pads earn Nicole's Breast Friends a 5-Star review!  I was very impressed with everything.  And can't wait to use these!

5 Stars


  1. I really love her single set of Valentine's edition nursing pads! The color and love theme is cute!

    1. Who knew nursing pads could be so fun right??

  2. I really love all of the set color/pattern combos. I wish they had names so I could be more descriptive. The single set with white/pink flowers and the black background!

  3. Love the blue and brown ancor pocket/aio diaper. Very trendy!

    1. I love all things nautical! Super cute isn't it??

  4. I love the Baby Cow Hat and Legging Set.


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