Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bump Update: 33 Weeks & Baby Names

It is funny to me how many people take it super personal that we are keeping Sprout's name a secret.  My family hasn't even given us that hard of a time.  But there are some people who just think it is ridiculous.  And then there are those people who I kind of know who think they should get to know because they don't talk to the same people we do and it wouldn't hurt anything.  lol.

We decided to keep her name a secret for a couple of reasons.  First, because we did want everyone to have some sort of surprise since we already know she's a girl.  Surprises are fun!  And second, I've heard too many horror stories of close friends and family as well as complete strangers being not-so-nice about the permanent name you have already decided on.  Just because the baby isn't here yet does not mean you are going to change the name just because so-and-so doesn't like it or thinks it is ugly.  I don't handle those situations well so best if I never have to deal with it, right?  ;)

But I am absolutely in love with her name and its meaning.  I told Hubby it will be tough to come up with something so awesome for our other potential children.  haha.  But seriously, I think her name holds such a powerful and unique significance and I cannot wait to share that all with you!  But you have to wait until she decides to make her grand entrance!  

I know I'm still pretty small...but I'm still amazed at just how huge I have gotten.  lol.

I don't think I need to worry about whether or not she is growing.  lol.

This week, baby is the size of a: Pineapple - weight wise anyways...just glad she isn't quite that pokey.  ;)

Next appointment: A week from today!  And with my favorite doc to boot!  ;)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I don't look at the scale between appointments anymore.  Don't need the worry.  ;)

Exercise: Getting into more of a routine.  But if I don't have my usual schedule I don't usually do much.  I am such a schedule person, it is ridiculous.  However, Hubby has really stepped up his game and started "coaching" me before bed as I practice labor and pushing positions and then do some exercises that I need help with.  It's a little strange - but I treasure those moments.  It's such a unique time in our lives.  :)

Maternity Clothes: When it is super hot out I am running out of things to wear.  Living in skirts and dresses these days.  ;)

Sleep: Actually a little better since last week.  But I have my days...

Food Cravings/Aversions: Who wants to take a guess??

Movement: Hangin out in my rib cage - rolling around, kicking.  Loving it!  Even when she does catch me off guard and I let out an "ouch!"   

What I Miss: I'm going to be more specific.  I miss ahi tuna and salmon rolls currently.  And, yes folks, we are talking sushi.  ;)

What I'm Loving: Getting things organized.  I'm definitely nesting right now.  But it's fun!        
What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting the rest of the things we need for Baby Girl this weekend.  Girls day!  

Best Moment This Week: Between my nesting and wanting to get my hospital bag packed, Hubby was a little concerned.  "You don't think she's coming yet do you?  Can she live at this point?"  I told him that she could but that it would still be really risky.  He then proceeded to talk to her as he leaned into my belly - "You better stay in there little one.  Your Daddy wants you to be safe."  Talk about melting my heart.  And he will SO kill me for putting this all on here.  But it's worth it.  ;)

Milestones: She is developing her immune system currently and gaining about a half pound a week.

Goals:  Organize the nursery.    Mostly done!  Just a few little things to get organized but we need to get a couple of shelves.  And then there's the matter of all the stuff I'll be bringing home this weekend.  ;)  But besides that, I really need to get on the ball and get our bag packed for the hospital because you just never know!  Only 7 more potential weeks!!


  1. Aw, your husband is so sweet! That's some impressive belly growth from week to week. She's doin' good!

    1. It made my heart happy to see how much my belly had grown this week. I wasn't really worrying about her measuring behind but it was in the back of my mind. Good to see she is definitely growing! ;)

  2. We didn't announce our DDs' names which was good - because we really weren't sure on either of them until they were at least 24 hours old.

    1. I'm pretty sure we're sold but you never know I suppose...

  3. I love the "daddy talk"! So sweet! You made some good points for not revealing your little girl's name yet.....I might be pretty insulted if someone didn't like the name we picked, so maybe I'll vote for secrecy, too!

    1. It was a really tough decision but one I'm glad we made. There are moments when i think we should tell a select few...for instance I got the letters of her name to decorate her room and I want to hang them SO badly but I know we have to wait... Those moments pass by pretty quickly though - now I'm just excited for the day we get to tell everyone! :D


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