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WAHM Review (+Giveaway): Mod Mum *CLOSED*

When Mod Mum agreed to do a review & giveaway, I was beyond excited!  I had seen her delivery gowns on another blog and had fallen in love.  Who wants to look drab on one of the biggest days of their lives??  I'll already be sweating, hair a mess, wearing my glasses (which if you understood what a trauma this was for me....oye), and looking a little worn.  If the outfit I'm wearing is cute, stylish, and functional - that should make me feel a little perkier.  ;)  Though, in the end I probably won't care since our Baby Girl will finally be here - but at least I know ahead of time, that I'll have a cute gown for our pics!

So, in case you haven't caught on yet - here is a glimpse of what I'm talking about:

Without the sash - still much cuter than a hospital gown.

With sash - MUCH cuter than a hospital gown!  :)
So excited to have something I can wear at the hospital that will be mine and I'll look cute!

And another just for good measure.  Hubby continually takes pics while I prepare for the next needed picture, which may annoy me a little bit but I liked how this one turned out.  ;)

Easy 5 Stars!

The gowns are even cute when they come in the mail:

And you know how I love the added personal touches, like this fun tag:

Cute right?

Here are just a couple of other prints to choose from, though she has a ton of other options:

This was my 2nd choice - I really love navy blue right now and polka dots are SO fun!

Chevron is so in and super adorable!

From feminine to funky to solid colors - she has a great variety!

As Lisa puts it, "Isn't it funny how you always remember what you were wearing on the most memorable days of your life...."  She "loathed" all of the pictures from the hospital after the birth of her son.  So, being an amazingly creative and talented mama, she started designing a delivery gown that would be beautiful - something moms would be proud to wear on that life-changing day!  Along with being stylish, she also wanted to be sure the gowns were comfortable and functional.  With the help of her husband, who works in Labor & Delivery, she did just that!  Since her business has been so successful, she is able to stay home with her now 7 year old boy.  

What a fun and unique story!

So how functional are they really?  I'd say perfectly!  Hubby and I are big proponents of skin-to-skin and hope that Baby Girl and I are both well enough that the hospital will allow immediate skin-to-skin after birth (I did speak with my doctor about this and it shouldn't be a problem).  I also want her to have a chance to try and nurse before they take her for weight and footprints and such.  With this gown - I can do all of that without any problems!  There are snaps at each breast bone to allow for easy nursing and skin-to-skin!  

Easy access with one side unsnapped...

Uber easy access with both sides unsnapped...note my facial expression as Hubby had some witty can just imagine can't you??  ;)

Here's an example of the gown in action!  Love skin-to-skin!

And here is a pic I didn't know Hubby was taking as I debated how to show you the awesome use of the snaps without being completely immodest.  ;)

In fact, after talking to the doctor, it sounds like my Mod Mum gown will make all of that easier than the actual hospital gown!  Isn't that awesome!?!  There are also snaps the entire length of the gown down the back for full coverage - no worrying about whether or not your bum is exposed!  ;)  Though, to be fair, everyone in the labor & delivery room is going to see much more of me than that.  haha.

Full coverage!

I truly wish I could give more than 5 stars here as I am convinced this will be tremendously easier (and more comfortable) than my hospital gown....

Some other awesome perks include the fact that the gown is 100% cotton and is not see through in the least!  Even though I'll be getting the knack of breastfeeding down and I'll have been through one of the most immodest moments of my life, it is a comfort to know that in pictures and when visitors come, I don't have to worry about seeing through the gown.  And as far as being professional - she even has a tag on the inside with washing instructions - just like you would find at the store!

I thought this was a super neat addition!
5 Stars

And the best part?  This gown isn't just a one-time use.  It is going to make a fantastic nursing night-gown!  Lisa notes that every time they are washed they get softer, which means comfy sleeping and easy access for those nightly feedings!  

5 Stars

As far as price point goes, this is a tough one.  While most other major delivery gowns I found online were cheaper - none of them compare very well to Mod Mum.  They aren't as convenient and the quality just isn't up to par (and I can easily see that online).  Plus, the sizing options on most other gowns is limited to 2 or 3 sizes (which is better than the hospital) but Mod Mum carries SIX different sizes - from XS to 2X! You get a great fit at a high quality that will be difficult to beat!

Mod Mum also sells robes and headbands to match the delivery gowns! 

But that isn't all!  You can get hats with a monogrammed name for Baby!  Or an infant skirt to match your gown!  Talk about cute pictures!  ;)

Lisa's customer service is absolutely fantastic!  She was super helpful during this whole process and has answered all of my questions quickly and well.  She even lists her phone number on the store's about page so that her customers can reach her any time!  Now that is going above and beyond!  In fact, after asking her a few questions, she told me to call if I had any questions about labor & delivery (apparently she has heard it all. lol.). I thought that was super sweet!

5 Stars +   :)  Love working with people who deserve more than a 5 star rating!

Overall, I am very impressed with Lisa's gowns.  Mod Mum is a store I would highly recommend for expecting mothers.  And wouldn't this make a fabulous  shower gift??  Something super unique and memorable!

Definitely 5 Stars

Head on over to the Mod Mum Etsy Shop and get to shopping.  If you purchase two gowns OR a gown and a robe, there is a 10% off coupon code at the top of the shop page!

One winner will be chosen to WIN a delivery gown of their very own!  Use the Giveaway Tool below to get your entries in!  


  1. These are adorable! I will definitely look into getting one for the next baby!

    1. Aren't they so fun!?! I'm so excited to use mine. hehe.

  2. I wish I would've had one of these for my other two deliveries (though barely had time to get the hospital gown on for #2! haha). I don't like anything too flashy... so I think I'd like the Maternity Gown in Ava. Low key... that's me! - Devon

    1. I remember you talking about D's delivery! Unreal! I debated about the bright colored chevron gown for some time but decided on something more subtle. Even though it was fun it didn't really scream "me."

  3. I LOVE the Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown in Gray Chevron! It's way cuter than a hospital gown! My 4th baby will be here December or January and I'd much rather wear one of these gowns!

  4. I'm not sure if it's my favorite, but if I get one, I'll probably go with the Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown in Kitty because it's "me". :)

  5. I really like the Red Dot or Minnie delivery gowns... so cute!


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