Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bump Update: 30 Weeks! Yikes!

So first things first, being tickled from the inside = weirdest feeling ever.  Not sure if it is toes or fingers or what...but man alive - that'll wake you right up!

Second - we only have 10 weeks left!!  10 weeks!!!  How did this go by so fast!?!

Hubby and I have been praying over this little one more and more.  And things are coming together so nicely.  I am so excited to meet her yet more than willing to wait that 10 weeks!  ;)

Here are this week's pics:

Love that little belly!
Growing, growing, growing!
At 6, 15, 29, and 30 weeks!  I've definitely come a long way since 6 weeks!  And I can even see growth from last week!

This week, baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash.  Not exactly a squash I am overly familiar with so I'm just going to see she has upgraded from a small head of cabbage to a normal head of cabbage.  ;)  She should be right around 3 lbs now - crazy!

Next appointment: Tomorrow.  Love having appointments every 2 weeks instead of every 4!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Not really sure.  Still just focusing on protein as much as I can.  More milk, more eggs, more meat.

Exercise: Doing pelvic rocking 4 times a least trying.  It's hard to remember to set aside time for it.  But I'm still diligent about my squats and sitting tailor style.  Only done the butterfly exercise with Hubby once.  Really should work that in more often.  And walking on the days it isn't too hot or rainy.  

Maternity Clothes: Yesterday, I wore sweats and a tee - not maternity style!  :)  But my sweats won't stretch much further....and then I'm not sure what I'll be wearing on painting days....Hmmmmmm.    Today, I was able to get away with regular shorts but now when I do that I have to wear maternity tops (or extra long shirts) or else my belly hangs out.  ;)  But all of my maternity tops are super comfy and cute so I'm cool with it.

Sleep: Not been great this week.  I like to flip from side to side but when I have to move my body pillow too, it is just a hassle.  Still getting up like 5 times a night for the bathroom and sometimes I just can't fall asleep.  

Food Cravings/Aversions: Everyone always asks but it never changes...nada.

Movement: Holy man!  She is all over in there.  Less kicks and more rolls.  She really likes my ribs right now.

What I Miss: This week I miss sleep.  And sushi. 

What I'm Loving: Watching my belly move.  It is so neat to see her roll from side to side!  Or just move at all....     

What I'm Looking Forward To: Baby shower!!  Just a little over a week to go.  SO many people coming which is truly humbling.  And SO many people offering to help.  It's going to be awesome!    

Best Moment This Week: Painting the last board for the nursery ceiling.  I feel like I could do it in my sleep now.  But it does look SO nice so it is worth it.  Just extraordinarily glad that it is over.

Milestones: She is able to regulate her own body heat now.  Not sure that this is a good thing for me.  May mean some uncomfortably warm night.  Only 10 more weeks though right??

The ceiling in our room should be complete tonight after the guys put up the trim.  Then I just need to patch some paint and we can move back into our bedroom!  I do have to get the boards painted for Baby Girl's room so that can be finished.  

Woot woot!  Really got some things done this week!  To be fair...there are two tiny pieces of trim left to put up that are giving Hubby tremendous trouble.  And I can't finish patching the paint until that's done.  But we did move into our bedroom - bed together and everything!  It feels so nice!

This next week I've got to get groceries, do a few reviews for the blog (fun stuff headed your way) and do some organizing.  It feels nice to not have a big project to complete this week.  :)


  1. Time sure flies! Sometimes it feels slow towards the end, though. Sounds like you've been keeping busy mama!

    1. Boy have I. Not to mention my bajillion other commitments. I did learn last weekend that I have to learn to start saying "no." Stress isn't good for Baby Girl. It's nice having a good excuse. :)

  2. Hooray for Baby Showers! I still have to find someone to send my gift with - but if I can't... I'll just mail it! Here is something I did that I thought you might find useful - though I know it's a "to each their own" kind of thing..... I used a small basket that I got at my baby shower to make a "nursing kit". It had nursing pads, chapstick, a pen and little notepad, a snack or two (like granola bars or something), Lansinoh cream, etc. I would keep it near where I regularly nursed the baby (at home). I don't know if it's common for people to have a "spot" - but I liked going to the same spot each time. However, whenever company would come over, I never liked to nurse in front of others... so I'd just have to pick up my little basket, nursing pillow and burp cloth... and I could easily move it all to another room (and back again when the company left). I could also toss my cell phone into the basket. It was nice (especially in those first couple of months when you're getting used to nursing) to have things like chapstick handy. Sometimes you could be nursing for 40 mins and *really* wish you had your chapstick! haha! Anyway... that's just a suggestion as you receive gifts at your shower... maybe keep an eye out for a little basket (or bag) that might be just right in case you'd like to give the Nursing Kit idea a whirl. Hooray for 10 more weeks! It will be here before you know it!

    1. That's a super awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll share this on my FB page at some point! Not sure who all from up that way is coming. Mom would have a better idea. ;) Getting excited though!


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