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WAHM Review (+ Giveaway): Elly's Diapers *CLOSED*

As work-at-home-mom (WAHM), Annelise states in her own words, she is "a self-taught, trial and error, artist, DIY-er and seamstress."  Which, to me, is quite the inspiration!  Everything I do is pretty much self-taught - though I'm not as talented as she.  ;)

She started making clothes after her grandmother bought her a sewing machine at the age of 12.  Eventually the morphed into handbags and, after her first baby, cloth diapers!  She kept changing the pattern each time she made a new diaper until she got it just right and ended up with "the perfect dipe!"  And I truly love that she gives credit to her husband for making it possible for her to stay at home with kids and run her shop.

Check out what she sent me to review:

I am currently obssessed with giraffe print since that is the theme of the nursery.  ;)

She also sent me a wet bag to review.  Owls are SO in right now and I LOVE this wet bag!  
Easy 5 Stars!

She even has super cute tags on everything.  I love that personal touch!

On the outside of the wet bag...

On the inside of the diaper - tucked inside the pocket so it doesn't bother Baby.  :)

So besides being absolutely adorable, what did I really think of these products?  The diapers that Annelise sells are organic (love it!).  Some of the other features I really love include:
  • Double Gussets
  • Liner made from incredibly soft bamboo velour - this wicks moisture away from baby, which is really nice.
  • The insert includes 2 layers of bamboo double loop terry and an inner layer of bamboo french terry cloth (which means awesome absorbency).
  • She uses baby soft elastic for extra comfort and strong snaps that last longer and prevent baby from pulling off the diaper themselves.  :)
  • Fits babes from 9-30 lbs
Largest Setting

Largest setting from the top...

Smallest Setting
Smallest setting from the top.

The Giraffe print is set to the smallest setting while the Elephant print (GIVEAWAY DIAPER) is set to the largest setting - comparison pic.  :)

She shoots for perfection and just about meets it!  ;)  I can definitely tell she puts her heart into this.

5 Stars

As noted, the bamboo velour is amazingly soft.  Definitely no worries about placing this on Baby Girl's bum.  Actually, the velour she uses is at the highest Oeko-Tek international standard meaning that the fibers used in this fabric are free of all known harmful substances.  So not only soft, but amazingly good for that precious little bum.  :)

You can SEE the softness!  ;)
5 Stars
Absorbency is amazing!  The insert is a doubler so it folds in half and has two layers in the pocket instead of one.  Because of this and the fact that the insert is bamboo - the Elly Diaper came in 2nd place for absorbency!  The only diaper to beat it was the Wink Diaper I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.  Applecheeks, Blueberry, Glow Bug, and multiple others only absorbed about half of what these two diapers did!  Absorbency was tested with water a tablespoon at a time after the diaper had been prewashed.  It should also be noted that the only two diapers I tested with natural fibers were the Wink Diaper and the Elly Diaper.

Full insert.
Insert doubled.
Yet another where I wish I could give more than 5 stars.  This diaper really deserves it.  :)
The price point of Elly Diapers is pretty average from what I can tell.  At $24.50 for a premium organic bamboo velour diaper, other larger brand organic diapers run either a couple of dollars less or a couple of dollars more.  Just depends on the brand.  However, Annelise does sell her diapers in sets and discounts the price when she does so.

A set of two diapers is just $43 which is a savings of $6.

A set of three diapers is just $64 which gives you a total savings of almost $10!

4 stars instead of 5 for the simple fact that the price is average.  If it were significantly cheaper than most brands I would give it 5.

The customer service I received from Annelise was stellar!  She was always super quick to return my questions or comments, shipping was super fast, and she even includes washing and care instructions.  Which I really appreciate since I am still relatively new to the cloth diapering world and none of the major brands included that kind of thing.

So cute and matchy!  :)
Definitely 5 stars, if not more!  :)

The wet bag is just as nice as the diaper.  She uses what is called Eco-PUL (also in the diapers though I didn't mention it...).  It has all the functionality of regular PUL (the waterproof part) but Eco-PUL is made with a 'green' adhesive that is  solvent free, environmentally friendly, and releases no volatile organics.  How awesome is that?  Just one more way I know Baby is exposed to less chemicals.  :)

I love how bright and cheery the inside is!  :)  

This should give you an idea of size.  The shop notes that it should fit 4 diapers.
Overall, I am super impressed with Elly Diapers.  These diapers and wet bags are awesome!  And perfectly safe for Baby.  Plus, there are so many prints to choose from!  I love options!  :)  Here are a couple of my favorites:

This is one of the prints I mentioned the Annelise when I told her a few of my favorites and asked her to pick.  ;)  So fun!

Love this diaper!  There's just something about little fishies....
Definitely a 5 star shop!  :)

To Buy: Head on over to the Elly Diaper's Etsy Shop and get your very own premium organic bamboo diaper or Eco-PUL wet bag.

To Win: Use the Giveaway Tool below for your chance to win the Elephant print diaper that made a brief appearance or two above:


  1. I really like the bright chevron print on her Suedecloth pocket diaper! =)

  2. Omg! Giraffe!! Our nursery is all giraffes as well, one whole wall has a painted giraffe print on it. Took hubby forever but looks beautiful!

    1. We had wanted to go that route - but just haven't had the time. Plus, with the crib in there we don't have much wall space open to see. Maybe after she is a bit bigger. :)

  3. I am obsessed with Elephants! Love the Blue Elly & Pink Elly :)

    1. Me too! I kept switching between elephant and giraffe for the nursery. It was such a tough decision!

  4. I love the rainbow chevron under her suede cloth diapers section. I can picture it on my baby's bum!

  5. it's hard to choose just one. i really love both the owls & elephants print on the bamboo velour diapers.

    1. Isn't it a tough decision?? When she asked which I preferred I told her my top 3 and let her pick one to send me. :) It was easier that way. haha.

    2. Oh what a great idea. i may have to do that if i ever win & can't decide :)

  6. I like the set of three organic bamboo velour dipes!

  7. I really like the Premium Bamboo Velour AIO Pocket Cloth Diaper, Bikes and Trikes Print. It's so cute!

  8. Oh i really love the Pink Elly diaper such a cute and fun print.

    1. Cute right?? And I'm not much of a pink person...

  9. I like the Bicycle Print.... just something different and it could go for boy or girl if you really wanted it to!

  10. I love the navy dots print. I absolutely love polka dots so that diaper appealed to me. I love the bicycle print as well its cute with all the different colors.

  11. The fish and giraffe prints are sooo cute!

  12. I like the Baby Blue Chevron Eco- PUL.

  13. We like the Premium Bamboo Velour AIO Pocket Cloth Diaper

  14. The fish and elephants are both ridiculously cute!

  15. Love the Premium Bamboo Velour AIO Pocket Cloth Diaper. Organic and Eco Friendly. Navy Dots Print. Eco- PUL.
    The pattern is very versatile + preppy.

  16. I like the Premium Bamboo Velour AIO Pocket in the Blue Chevron pattern! It is so cute!

  17. I love the premium diaper construction print #8! We are obsessed with trucks and cars on everything

    (Miriam Matheny)

  18. I really like the apple dapple print, but I do think that the giraffe print is still my very favorite.

  19. Love the Plaid Print. Adorably preppy.


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