Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Funny Things Kids Say

We spent the last 5 days in Michigan visiting Hubby's family.  We love going up there.  It is beautiful country and the people aren't so bad either.  ;)

The best part?  We have not one, not two, but seven nieces and nephews to love on!  Seven!  And, yes, they were all in our was awesome.

They always have some of the funniest things to say.

This time around my favorites were from the two younger boys.  

Ky-Guy is 9 and has always had some awesome one-liners (yep, we have a list).  This time, as he was jumping from the boat to the doc we hear, "ouch!  I guess I'm not Indiana Jones."  I made some comment about him being a little short yet and he kept trying to say he was a mini Indiana Jones but couldn't get it spit out.  So he goes, "I'm miniana Jones."  Needless to say, that's his new nickname.  Now I'm trying to convince him to write a comic about Miniana Jones.  

Then there's C-Man, the youngest of the 7.  We were at his sister's softball game and he asked Hubby to play catch.  The thing is, Hubby is not a sports guy and has literally never touched a baseball glove.  C-Man had to show him how to use it and hold his hand the right way.  ;)

So later at dinner we were asking how catch went - he looks at Justin and says, "Everyone knows how to play baseball but you.  *pause*  ...and grandmas and grandpas."  Lost it.  But it might be true...

As we were leaving that night we were saying our goodbyes and told them that the next time we see them they will have a new cousin.  C-Man replies - "Yay!!  I just wish it wasn't a girl.  Can I give you some magic dust to change it into a boy?"

Haha.  I love the minds of children.  They are so unique and so funny.  

What are some funny one liners from your kiddos??

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