Monday, June 23, 2014

Giveaway: Dr. Carey Baby Care Book & 2 Swaddle Blankets *CLOSED*

I have watched quite a few babies in my lifetime.  I babysat 3 boys throughout high school - all from infancy.  I was an "infant teacher" for two separate day care's (I can't even tell you the number of babies that passed least 16 but that's just a guess), I helped with the 1 year old class during my time at the one day care, and I'm currently watching an 8 month old.  I have seen some crazy things - behavior wise, rash wise - you name it!  But every baby is different.  And because of this I know that, no matter how much experience I have, we will never be fully prepared for our little Sprout.  ;)

So when I got the chance to review Dr. Carey's Baby Care Book, I jumped at the chance!  You can always learn more!  Dr. Carey, as stated on the book, is both a doctor and a father (which does make a difference).  Overall, I really liked the book.  First of all, when informational books are short and to the point, they are awesome!  But more than that, it covers stages of development (what they should be learning when), rashes, diapers, sicknesses, stuff no one wants to talk about, and minor medical problems.  He notes when not to worry and also lets you know when it is time to go see the doc.  And, just by skimming over everything, I already learned a few things I didn't know before.  Which is awesome!

As it states on the cover of the book, there are over 120 pictures in the book.  Dr. Carey states, 

"Pediatrics is very visual, yet books about baby care are not. I wish to change that. My goal in writing Dr. Carey’s Baby Care: First Year Baby Care Guide is to bring all the colorful images I see in my office to parents." 

While this is definitely helpful, it really took me aback at first.  There were vivid pictures of diaper rashes, different kinds of dirty diapers, and circumcision issues.  At first, I thought it was unnecessary.  But, then I know what its like to just be unsure about a rash.  Is it yeast?  Or is it just typical diaper rash?  The two are to be treated differently.  Or maybe it is something worse...  Well, now I have a reference guide.  While it still makes me a little bit uneasy, I am more than sure we'll use it a time or two once Baby Girl arrives.  Here are just a couple of the less graphic images:

I was also sent a couple of Dr. Carey's swaddle blankets to review.  He notes in the book how calming it can be for a baby: 
“I have a secret. When I see a crying baby for the first time, I bundle him snugly, rock him gently, and peek at his parents as they wonder how I calmed their baby so quickly. Truthfully, this secret technique has been used for ages. Many authors have tried to adopt this technique as their own, but bundling is universally known and it is a skill well worth your time to master.”  

They aren't exactly the print I would have chosen.  But they are SO soft!  And the size is just perfect.  I will most definitely be using these for our precious little one!

To Buy:  Head on over to Amazon here.  The kindle version is only $9.99!

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  1. It might sound silly - but I wish I would have known TRULY how important it was to accept help in the beginning. As a new mom, I wanted to selfishly keep my baby in my own arms. People would offer to come watch the baby so I could rest (trust me, you need it!)... but I would insist I could handle it. Then I would just be SO tired and worn out (not to mention sore) - I almost couldn't enjoy that first bit of time with my little one. It's definitely OK to let others come in and let you rest. Accept gifts of food. Let people do your laundry (well, except maybe your underwear - haha!). You will enjoy your baby so much more if you feel good!!

    1. I've been told this so many times and I really hope I remember it! I want to be at the top of my game for my Baby Girl!


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