Sunday, August 25, 2013

Military Coupon Donations

Did you know that you can send coupons to military bases for the families there?  Even if they are expired!  Because my brother is in the military, I am always looking for ways to help out.  So I am ALL over this!  Especially since we get a ton of coupons in the mail each week and I barely use any.

I'm asking all of YOU to join me!  You can either adopt your own base at the Overseas Coupon Program  OR you can send them to the base I have adopted in the name of the blog so that we can all do this together!

Of course, I adopted the base where my brother is stationed, Yakota Air Force Base in Japan.  I highly doubt that he will ever use a coupon in his life but since that base is close to my heart, it is what I chose.  ;)  Besides, I know he is friends with a few couples stationed over there and maybe they will get some use out of them!

If you would like to send your coupons to Yakota, here are the details:
  • Send as often as you like
  • Send as much or as little as you like (there is no minimum or maximum)
  • Do not send coupons older than 2 months expired on the date of shipment.  They can be used for up to 6 months after expiration but remember that volunteers have to process them, they have to be sent out to be used, and then the families have to sort through them.  It can definitely take some time. 
  • Separate coupons according to "food items" and "non-food items."
  • Along with your return address, please include "Learning to Be 31"  - this is the 'organization' I listed when adopting the base and it helps to keep track of the 'donations' and charity.
The address is:

Bldg 570 Yokota AB
APO AP 96328-6290 

(It is regular postage since it is an APO)

If you would rather me do the separating and sending, just send the coupons my way.  Send me a private message (see the 'Contact Me' tab at the top of the blog) and I will gladly give you my address.

I'm so excited for this simple opportunity to help out!  I hope you are too!

Bri Sherman

Independent Distributor, It Works! Global™

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