Monday, July 1, 2013

Respect Challenge: Week 9

Quick Recap - I am on a 25 week journey to becoming a more respectful wife.  I want to be the best wife my husband could ever ask for!  I found my inspiration over at Loving Life at HomePlease feel free to join me on this might even change your marriage...  ;)


Jennifer notes, "Smiles spread happiness. Smiles have even been shown to create happiness. Smiles are contagious. And a smile makes any woman more beautiful."

Proverbs 31:25 - Strength and Dignity are her clothing.  And she smiles at the future.  
Smiling can do SO much good, from making you more attractive to others to boosting your immune system and lowering your blood pressure.  Not only can it do much good for YOU but also for others around you since smiles are known to be contagious! (  Maybe smiling can change your marriage, for if you smile, he will smile, you will both be healthier, happier, and more attractive!

So far this challenge has been interesting.  I feel so super cheesy.  I think I'm trying too hard - I get that full teeth, I'm smiling for no reason, awkward smile going on.  I think it makes me look more like an axe murderer than a loving wife.  lol.  Since the cheesy fake smile wasn't working for me (and I was receiving some pretty curious looks from Hubby) I decided I needed to smile for real.  That meant choosing to be happy even at the end of a really long day.  I smiled.  And he smiled.  And we were so much more pleasant to one another.  A good week.  A very good week. 

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  1. It pretty cool how smiling can cheer others around us. Another great lesson taught, ma'am!


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