Friday, July 26, 2013


I know a lot of you that read this have tried to get pregnant (or are trying).  But this is a first time experience for me and Hubby (yep, in case you didn't know, we are...).  We have only been trying for a short time (a very short time) but I have been mentally ready for a very long time.  I was just waiting on the green light from Hubby.  That being said, now that we are trying, I am so impatient.  I want it to happen NOW, and I want to know the instant it happens!  ;)  I read into every little belly ache, every over-reaction, every pimple...but the waiting, the waiting to take that pesky little test, just kills me!  My grandma just laughs at us - you guys have it easy, we had to wait 2 months before we were sure.  So I guess a couple of weeks isn't so bad...

But today was the first time I felt a punch to the gut and tears welling in my eyes as  I read the news on Facebook that friends of ours were pregnant.  I am SO happy for them, truly.  I just want what they badly.  I had to say a quick prayer for strength, for a reminder that God will work things out in His time.  I know it is hard, but I cannot understand how hard it is for couples that have been trying for extreme lengths of time.  In such a short time for us, I am already aching for that little life to grow inside of me.  To experience that first kick, to hear our baby's heart beat, to hold that bundle of joy in our arms (after a completely painless, yeah right!)...

Today, I am praying for those moms-to-be that are trying, that are yearning for a blessed child, whether it has been 1 month or 3 years.  I pray for strength, for peace and rest in the Father, for assurance of His presence, for continued hope, and for the answer to their prayers.  Pray with me!

How long did you have to wait for your little miracle?  Let's give some words of encouragement to those that are waiting in the comments below!

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