Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bringing Change

I am taking a moment today to bring change.  I regularly shop at Family Christian.  I am a "catalyst" member and often shop there for gifts and books.  I love the selection they have as well as the sales and coupons they offer.  I do not, however, love the fact that they are open on Sundays.  After discovering this little tid-bit of information, it kept eating at me.  It isn't right.  A Christian company, a Christian non-profit ministry, that is based in retail is open on Sundays?  Something just didn't sit right.  I talked to a couple of employees and discovered that it is very frowned upon among most of the employment (understandably right?).  I asked if I could write the company and they told me to check the website but they were sure it wouldn't do any good.  But if no one does anything, if no one takes a stand, it will never change.  Therefore, I came home today and drafted an e-mail.  After reading it over a few times I sent it out. 
I am asking you to do three things today.
  1. Do not, under any circumstances, shop at Family Christian on a Sunday.  I have been tempted when I know I need to grab a gift and I could be at the store in under 5 minutes.  But it isn't worth it.  If I go in there on a Sunday, I am telling the employees that are there that their time at work is more valuable than their time with their families.  I am telling them that I don't care that they have to work on a Sunday.  I am giving them a reason to be away from their family and their church family, a reason to not rest.
  2. Share this blog with all of your Facebook friends and anyone else you can think of.  Get them on board.
  3. Send Family Christian an e-mail or write them a letter.  Here is their customer service contact information:
I have copy and pasted my e-mail below and I'm giving you permission to use it.  Copy and paste it right into your own e-mail, change the personal information, add or take out anything that you would like, and send it out.  The more mail they get (electronic or otherwise) the more likely they will listen.  The squeaky wheel gets oiled right? 

Dear Family Christian,
It has recently come to my attention that you are open on Sundays.  When I discovered this I was baffled.  Why would a Christian company be open on Sundays?  But I quickly remembered that you were a for-profit organization and I dismissed it, though I still thought it inappropriate.  Then I received an e-mail letting me know that 100% of your profits are now being given.  Through this e-mail it was brought to my attention that in late 2012 you became a non-profit ministry.  While this is an exciting feat, it leaves me wondering why it is necessary to remain open on Sundays, even if it is only for a few hours.  There are organizations such as Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A that are "for-profit" and do not have the word "Christian" in their name, yet are still closed on Sundays.  Truett Cathy, the owner of Chick-Fil-A says being closed on Sundays says two things: "One, that there must be something special about the way Chick-fil-A people view their spiritual life and, two, that there must be something special about how Chick-fil-A feels about its people" (emphasis added). 
That quote in itself should be enough to make Family Christian reevaluate their need to be open on Sundays, but I would like to expound.  Years ago there was not a single place open on Sundays, but in our wealth driven society, things slowly started to change.  And sadly, Christians stood by and allowed it to happen.  We even made it a habit to go out to eat as soon as service let out, encouraging this new found way of thinking.  Now, instead of being a day for family and God, Sundays have become just another day to make money and to spend time at work instead of at home or church.  What is it saying to the world if you are no different than the store next door?  You do not stand out nor are you set apart, you are just like the fallen world, you have lost the saltiness you so desperately need.  What does it say to people driving by that your store is open on Sunday?  Or your customers?  Or your employees?  To me, it says you do not value your employees enough to give them one single day of rest and time to be with their church and family.  To me it says you are more about money and less about faith.
Yes, we have already entered into the Sabbath, into His rest.  But God still commanded us to have a day of rest, which you are not doing as a company.  It is not good for man to not rest.  What kind of an example are you setting for your employees and customers? Even when God created the world, He took a day to rest.  He set the example for us, now it is time for us to set the example for the world.
I, Brianna Sherman, am calling you out today, holding you accountable.  I believe that Family Christian should take a step of faith and close their doors on Sundays.  See how God will bless your efforts at preserving a Sabbath, a day for God, family, and rest.  Instead of being a part of the world and mainstream society, make an effort to be different, to be set apart.  Be the salt and light, set the example for the rest of the world.
Sincerely, a Catalyst Member,
Brianna Sherman

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