Friday, May 18, 2012

This is Where it Begins...

I first worked at a daycare the summer between my junior and senior year of college.  This is when I truly discovered my love for watching children day in and day out (though I have known all along that my purpose in life is to be a stay-at-home mom).  I had to leave that job at the end of the summer due to previously undiagnosed health issues (which turned out to be a good thing since they were later shut down by DHS...).  I missed those kids every single day of my senior year.  When I graduated I had to find a new job and I stumbled across KKCA - which became a genuine blessing (that keeps on blessing me from 1200 miles away).  It was there that I learned how to teach children from ages 3 months to 5 years.  It was exhilarating - after weeks of teaching basic sign language, little by little each child would pick up one sign or the other and start communicating with me!  Or when one of my babies took one of her first steps after countless tries...these are the moments I will never forget.  It was so hard to leave them and move closer to home, one of the hardest decisions I think I have ever had to make.

Then, I was hired as an on-call nanny.  While I desperately loved the kids (and families often requested me) it was not a job I was suited for - different families every day, a commute of no less than 30 minutes, 10+ hour days, inconsistent hours, I could go on and on... However, I was placed with a family on a permanent basis on Tuesday/Thursday of every other week.  I am fortunate enough now to be working solely for that family.  Mostly, I work with the twins, age 3: Charlie & Mary.  But I will have the opportunity over the summer to work with their 2 older siblings.  I love it.  The twins and I have been practicing the letter "A."  And Charlie could have cared less the first time we talked about it - but when I had him circle all of the letter "A's" on a worksheet just 3 days later, he nailed it!  And had fun!  And when we were playing with their four-wheelers later Mary looked up - "Bri?"  "Yes Mary?"  "I love you."  It melts your heart!

I love working with kids!  They are so unique and so loveable, they teach you things every moment, and everyday is an adventure.  That is why I decided to start this blog.  I want to remember the simple things I learn.  I imagine I will have an array of different things on here - from game ideas, to resources, to funny things the kids say...  I hope if you're reading this that you enjoy!

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