Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stealing Children

My dad's church (Dayton) has a rather small congregation.  Of that small congregation there are a lot of little one's.  Which, of course, makes my heart happy.  Though we don't attend Dayton regularly (as of yet), we still consider ourselves a part of the congregation and try to go to all of the extra stuff, like last night.  There was a family fun night and we made our way up to Dayton...which was so great!  There are two little boys that I constantly have - Benjamin and Max.  Natasha, Benjamin's mom says I am the child stealer.  I can't help myself.  Annette was walking in the door with Max and I just scooped him out of her arms...later, I "yelled" at Natasha because I hadn't gotten to hold Benjamin yet as I, rather abruptly, swept him from her arms.  It is a rare thing to see me at that church without a child in my arms.  I held Max after dinner until it was time for them to go home and he loved it...just sat there and clapped, played with my sunglasses for awhile, he was content for a really long time.  Annette even commented - "That is the longest I've seen him sit in anyone's lap and not try to escape - he is usually crawling all over the place by now."  Those are the kind of comments that make my heart warm.  God gave me a heart for kids and I love when that shows through.  From red spots on my tank top (strawberry juice) to finger smudged sunglasses to sloppy kisses...I love it all!  So yeah...I'm okay with being the "child stealer" (as long as their mom's don't mind of course).  ;)  

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