Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Organization & Date Night

Leave it to Pinterest to show me how to organize date night - and make it fun!  

Let me introduce you to what I call Date Night Pick 'N' Pull: 

I found the original idea for this here and then tweeked it a little bit to suit my taste (and I hope you will do the same if you like the idea).  You could use anything to hold the sticks - a jar, a cup (leftover from our wedding centerpieces), or even a can covered in some cute scrapbook paper!  :)  
I painted the sticks with acrylic paint because it was what I had but I'm guessing it would be much easier with spray-paint or maybe even markers... And I wrote with colored pencils (it was the only thing that would show up on black!)...pardon my handwriting.  

You could easily change the categories to suit your needs...I'm just SUPER particular about our budget so I tried to give us a lot of options.  The attached "key" was made on Publisher...which I LOVE for crafty projects like this!  

And BONUS!  - Justin even thought this would be fun for date nights...he likes to be a little spontaneous.  But, yes, I had him approve the list of date ideas before I started making the sticks!  Speaking of, after I made my own list I got a few other ideas from these two blogs: The Dating Divas and Six Sisters' Stuff.  They both have some really great ideas.  Some are simple and others are rather extravagant - just pick what suits your taste!  We haven't actually tried it but I'm very hopeful and I will definitely let you know how it goes!

Along the lines of organization, I also got this great idea from Pinterest:

A cereal box re-purposed into an organizer!

The tutorial can be found here.  I had a different sized cereal box so I had to adjust measurements but it still wasn't very difficult.  Just pick out 3 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper and some cute stickers or embellishments and you're set!  

We use this ALL the time.  All the clutter that gets left on the kitchen table or coffee table or recliner (in our case) when you walk in the door - goes in the box!  The down side - eventually all of that clutter has to go, yes, you will have to go through the organizer eventually.  But being a little organized helps in the mean time!

Hopefully I've inspired some creativity!  Have fun crafting!

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