Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Herb Gardening & Discovering Pinterest

Today I planted an herb garden.  This is the first time I have touched anything garden related since the days of chores and weeding.  After reading over a few different posts and trying to remember everything that my plant-loving husband told me, I will hopefully have 7 different tasty herbs and a few pretty flowers starting to grow within 25 days or so.  Now it's the waiting that will drive me crazy! Here are my two pots:

I will keep you posted on whether or not I am successful and what all I end up doing with my lovely herbs.

As I was cleaning today (after my gardening adventure), I realized I had neglected to share my very first Pinterest adventure!  Justin and I were short on funds after we got married and I moved in.  After spending the money we received from the wedding, I was still not 100% satisfied with our decor...that is when I discovered Pinterest.  It was unbelievable - a fascinating, limitless world at my fingertips (and, little did I know, very addicting).  I came across this craft that involved canvas, elmer's glue, and paint...hey, wait a second, I have all of those things!  This amazing new corner of the world wide web was an answer to prayer!  I gathered up the items and went to work.  This was the end result:

Our bathroom in our first apartment was much bigger so they had a nice place on the wall.  Our new bathroom is much smaller but since I love them so much I had to squeeze them in some they ended up on the mirror.

Leaves were a simple design for me (and fit our decor if you can see the tree in the background) but for someone that has more drawing talent, the possibilities are endless.  Directions are here: Take a blank canvas and draw with elmer's glue (I drew with a pencil first so I could see what it looked like).  I had to do 3 or 4 layers, letting the glue dry between each.  Then, after you are happy with the "3-D look" just paint over it.  Like I said: endless possibilities.  I also went ahead and watered down some gold acrylic paint in order to add a shimmer and give the 3 separate canvas's a more cohesive look.

Happy crafting!

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