Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Accomplished!

Thought I would share a couple of the projects I've taken off of Pinterest - and succeeded!  

Even though I finished this project awhile ago (in November when I discovered it on Pinterest) I thought I would share - a Memory Jar!  My husband was a little skeptical of the idea at first.  What guy wants to write down memories and stick them in a jar?!?  But I made him. (Just remember to put it in a place he will see everyday - for Justin, that means the dining room table where he eats breakfast and does his devos everyday).  The pin I had seen had the family opening the jar and reading the memories together on New Years.  Since we didn't start our jar until November, I thought it would be best to postpone until our anniversary (March 19th).  So last week, we sat down to read our memories - some on post-its, some on notebook paper, others on the back of receipts.  It was SO much fun!  We laughed so hard and I even got emotional a couple of times.  And yes, my hubby did enjoy it.  He even mentioned wishing we had more memories and things he would have written if we'd had the jar before November.  I am so excited for our next anniversary!  And I'm looking forward to doing this when we have kids.  

I simply took a Mason Jar - removed the seal part so we could just drop our memories in and added a few stickers on the front.  It's kind of empty now - but it can fill up pretty fast.  Here is the finished product:


I went ahead and made a jar for a wedding gift and I'm super excited about it!  I thought it was a super cute idea.  See?

Now onto the spice jar project... I hated our mess of a cupboard shelf full of herbs and spices - It took 5 minutes to find what you were looking for, stuff usually fell out onto the counter, and there was no organization whatsoever.  I'm proud to say, thanks to Pinterest, that we now have a much better system.  I used baby food jars!  First I removed the labels from the jars (this was quite a process...even with help from Pinterest).  But they look good (at least I think so...)!

Then I painted the lids with acrylic paint I already had (probably would have worked better with a metal friendly paint or spray paint...but I used what I had).  After a few coats of paint had dried, I filled each jar with an herb or spice and labeled each lid with a permanent marker.  My handwriting is pretty bad, so please don't judge...I should have had my hubby do it.  

Now, I keep our spices in drawers and you can find what you need with a simple look - no more digging, no more falling, MUCH more organization...and it looks nice!  I love it (and I think my hubby loves it too)!

Thanks for reading - if you have done something similar - please share!  I love to see what other people have accomplished with their creativeness!

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