Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WAHM Review (+Giveaway): The Shade Tree Market

I received one or more of the following items for free in return for an honest review.  No money was exchanged.

Kristen is a full-time mommy to not one but 5 kiddos and one on the way!  Plus she runs a pretty awesome WAHM shop!

As Hubby and love all things earthy, the name of the shop really drew me in.  Anything dealing with trees is awesome in my book!  hehe.  But her products are pretty earthy too!  Kristen sent a wooden teether and a fabric & wood nursing/mommy necklace.

First, you have to see the packaging - this is how it came in the mail (though a little neater...this is already opened.):

Simple but adorable right?  I loved that there was no brown envelope or box - just cuteness in my PO box!  ;)

Love the colors of this one!

And the print on this one!

5 Stars

Both of these products are made from non-toxic wood and natural fiber fabrics.  I love that!  The more I read and educate myself, we are surrounded by toxins and unnecessary chemicals.  So the more things I can have and use with Baby Girl that I know are extra safe and toxin free, the happier this mama is!  :)  

Definitely 5 Stars

The nursing/mommy necklace is pretty nifty.  Not only are they adorable, they are incredibly practical.  Feeding time and Baby is fidgety?  Hand them the necklace to fiddle with while they nurse or bottle feed.  Baby is clingy because they are teething?  No need to grab a teether when you are already wearing one!  And the best part?  This can't be dropped on the ground because it is attached to Mom!  Being a nanny, I already know the awesomeness of that statement.  ;)  And cleaning is a breeze with just a little bit of detergent and air drying.

5 Stars

My hesitation with mommy necklaces is this: Doesn't this encourage your little one to play with your jewelery?  I am back and forth on this issue as I can clearly see the advantages to having a nursing necklace (or four!).  But I don't want to encourage my baby girl to play with any necklace I have on.  Thoughts on this??  I would love to hear some feedback from Mamas who have used these.  I'll have to wait and see once Baby Girl gets here for myself I suppose....

Anyways, back to all of the neat little features that Kristen included with her necklaces:

Yes, the wooden ring is great for teething, but she has also included a "chew beads" section that is a bit softer.  And gives tiny baby fingers even more to fiddle with:

Again, simple and cute, right?

There is also a ribbon closure so that the necklace is adjustable.

Cute and practical!


The one complaint that I do have is that for the shorter adjustment, I can't fit it over my head...which I can imagine would be kind of a pain with an infant around.  But, in order to fit over my head it would have to be longer and then I wouldn't have the shorter look. have to give a little to get a little right?

5 Stars

Now onto the teether.  I really love this adorable little thing:

Close Up

A second case you forgot what it looks like.  ;)

These teethers are just as practical as the nursing/mommy necklaces but in their own way!  I didn't mention it with the necklace, but the wooden ring allows for a unique texture your little one won't find anywhere else in the commercial "teether world," which I think is pretty awesome!  And that ring also doubles as an easy-to-hold handle!  The really neat part?  The cloth part catches the drool!  And I don't know of any commercial teether that does that!  Pretty awesome right?  Cleaning is also a breeze with these as the fabric can easily be undone and thrown in the washer!

As far as price goes, her teething rings seem to be on the cheap side of things, which is awesome!  Her necklaces run pretty average compared to similar products I could find.  But, the awesome part?  She has a Clearance Section on her Etsy Shop where prices cannot be beat!

5 Stars

The Shade Tree Market has SO much more than just these two items though, here are a few of my favorites:

Teething Bracelet

Cat-in-the-Hat Cloth Diaper - oh my word!  

Felt play items - LOVE these!

She has some pretty adorable stuff right?  Overall, I really love The Shade Tree Market.  Cute, practical, earth-friendly items for a pretty decent price!

5 Stars

Here are some fun places to connect with The Shade Tree Market:


Unfortunately, at this time, Kristen has had to put her shop on vacation due to complications with her pregnancy. The Shade Tree Market on Etsy will reopen when she is able so do keep checking back!  Please keep Kristen & her family in your prayers.

One reader will win their own nursing/mommy necklace and teething ring of Kristen's choosing.  She chose mine and did an awesome job!  Enter using the Giveaway Tool below:


  1. Though the picture is a bit blurry... I think the Three Little Pigs Diaper Cover is cute! Not something you normally see (or at least I haven't!)

  2. I love the Aqua Blue Abstract Chevron Stripes Wooden Bead necklace !

  3. 4th of July diaper cover!!

  4. Love the Olive Green Rainbow Batik teething necklace.

  5. Love the Waldorf inspired pixie doll. My 6 mo old would love to chew on it!

  6. I tried to look but it says the shop is closed :((

    1. That's okay. She just let me know yesterday she had to close because of pregnancy complications. :(

      Thanks for letting me know - you got your entry!

  7. I love these teether options with natural wood!

  8. I would love to win this for my grandson because he is teething like crazy.

    1. Poor little man! I bet these would make his little mouth feel at least a little better!

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  10. I would like to win this because I really prefer natural teething objects to ones made of chemicals or covered in paints. I love the nursing necklace too. I think these are great ideas. I would keep the set for me for our future little one

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if we could guarantee that everything we bought for our little ones was actually safe for them? The more I learn, the more frustrated I get.

  11. My niece is due to arrive any day now so I would love to win for her! :)


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