Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WAHM Review (+Giveaway): Baby J Boutique *CLOSED*

I am super excited to introduce you to Johnna and her family:

Precious little family right?!?!
Johnna has a delightful little shop on Etsy full of super cute items - most of them inspired by her little boy!  She gives so much credit to her husband for working so hard which allows her to stay home and spend quality time with her little man.  I love it when I see wives giving their husbands the credit they are due.  Without my Hubby working so hard, we would not be able to have our house and  I definitely wouldn't be able to stay home with Baby Girl.

She sent me a couple of items to review - one to keep and one to give away!  Picking between two products is always super difficult.  :P

But here they are:

An adorable Boppy cover...

And a super cute diaper clutch/changing pad.  Absolutely love this pattern and how the inside matches...but we'll get to that in a bit.

5 Stars

I chose to keep the Boppy cover because it was something I really needed.  So we'll start there.

Here is the bottom:

Delightfully soft minky!

While the minky side is definitely softer - I still don't have any qualms about putting either side up against Baby Girl.  It is so gentle!

5 Stars

And here is what it looks like stuffed:



It is a near perfect fit!  Which is so nice!  Extra material can mean a suffocation hazard and there is no need to worry about that here...

Johnna has the zipper run across the entire back seam and it zips nicely (don't you hate it when zippers are tough?).

Again, love the snug fit.

5 Stars

Now for that adorable diaper clutch!  I will slowly unfold the wonderfulness of this product:

Unclasp and *BAM* polka dots!

Unfold again and...two pockets - a spot for diapers & wipes...

Fold out the pockets and the "matchiness" is killing me!

As most of you know, I will be cloth diapering.  So I wondered if this would be practical for a cloth diapering mama or not.  I was able to fit a newborn AIO in one pocket and a few wipes & an extra insert in the other pocket.  I could not get a fully stuffed pocket diaper into a pocket but you could get a cover or an unstuffed pocket diaper into one pocket.  Then put an insert or two plus a couple of wipes in the other.  It would be great for those quick trips to the store or for a walk around the neighborhood. 

Again, just like the boppy cover, the quality of this product is phenomenal.  I have no doubt it will last quite awhile!

Here are some of the other items that Johnna features at Baby J Boutique:

Bumbo covers!!  Super classy!

Hooter Hiders in a variety of different patterns.

Tag Blankets - there are even shaped ones - super neat!

And isn't this personalized TMNT shirt the best!?!
Any items you don't see on her Etsy shop may be on her Baby J Boutique Pinterest Board.  She also does custom work so options are pretty much limitless!

I definitely would recommend Baby J Boutique!  It is such a cute shop!  And Johnna makes high quality items.  Plus, she has some really unique stuff!

5 Star Shopping at its best.  ;)

Head on over to the Etsy shop - if what you want isn't there make sure to send her a message and tell her what you are looking for.  I know she'll figure something out!

One reader will be the lucky winner of that adorable diaper clutch / changing pad.  To enter use the Giveaway Tool below.  


  1. I like the gray chevron hooter hider (though when I clicked on it... it was sold! Bummer!). I like how there is boning at the top so you can peek at your little one. Much more convenient than the nursing cover I have now!

    1. Hello Devon,

      I would be happy to make you one. Unfortunately JoAnn's no longer has that material in stock and I'm out :-(

      They are $25 and that includes shipping. Have a great day!

  2. I like the yellow and gray Chevron Boppy cover.

  3. Replies
    1. We're not big sports people but I thought those were adorable!

  4. loVe the minky tag blanket


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