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WAHM Review (+Giveaway): Medahm

This honest review was done in exchange for free product(s).  There was no monetary exchange.

Hey all!  VERY excited about sharing this WAHM store with you all!  They have recently become quite a big deal - Zulily sales and a new website to boot!  If you haven't heard of them yet, I am honored to be the one to share them with you since I absolutely love their products.

Megan started her shop after the birth of her first little boy.  She couldn't find a nursing cover that was very fashionable the entire time she was pregnant.  After doing some research, she discovered that a lot of women were using infinity scarves - so she went and bought the fabric to make her own!  After she adjusted to life as "Mom" her hubby encouraged her to start her own business.  So she did!  And it has been super successful.  Elisabeth, her sister, also helps the business with design and customer relations - she has been who I worked with for the most part as we got this review set up and ready to go.

Sidenote - Megan and her hubby were just blessed with another beautiful little boy just last week.  Make sure to head to their Facebook Page to send them congratulations and well wishes!

So you already know that they make infinity scarves for nursing covers:

Ahoy!  Love it!

But I actually stumbled across their shop looking for nursing pads:

They added a "sexy" twist to their nursing pads, which I love!  So fun!

They also recently added swaddle blankets to their line:

Love this print - modern and gender neutral!

But my favorite item that they sell is what I was sent to review - a nursing shawl / scarf.  Super practical and fashionable.  I have already worn it because I love it so much!  

Front - Hubby didn't tell me my arm looked...well....out of place or something.  :P

Side....had to show off my belly.  ;)

Other side - love it!

Making the switch to a scarf...
This is me trying to figure out how to make it look "right" - I really struggle with scarves even though I love them...

Not too shabby I suppose...

Feel like I look like a news anchor here...but thought the scarf looked cute!

Maybe not "cute" in a baby way - but I am LOVING how it looks on me.  ;)

And just to boost that cuteness factor a little bit, check out how nicely folded and packaged this was when it came in the mail:

Love the twine and the tags - cute!

Look at how easy nursing a baby under this would be....and yes, I used a stuffed animal to demonstrate.  Don't judge me.  ;)

Discreet and fashionable!

And easy to see what's going on under there while still being discreet and fashionable.  ;)

I wish all clothes were made with dual purposes...because this is awesome!

The shawl is so soft and I have no doubt it will last me a long time.  Something to note: the shawls routinely come with raw edges (see pic below) which I actually like, a lot.  This is intentional.  However, there is an option to upgrade to a hemmed edge if you choose.

Wish I had better lighting but forgot to take this pic until late and had no natural light.  :(

5 Stars

As far as pricing, there are obviously other nursing covers that you can get for cheaper on the market.  However, they definitely aren't as cute or as practical.  The other cover I own is nice, and will be in my diaper bag at all times, but it definitely isn't something I can make a part of my outfit - which means it is one more thing I have to fiddle around with before I can feed Baby Girl.  So as far as that price difference is concerned, I honestly think it is irrelevant.  Anything I can find online that was comparable to the nursing shawl / scarf was either right around the same price or much more expensive.  I really think these ladies have hit the price on the head - it is a higher quality product that regular old nursing covers, but I think they truly grasp that mom's can't all afford high-dollar items!

Definitely 5 Stars

Megan and Elisabeth provided the best customer service.  I have mostly dealt with Elisabeth since she is in charge of customer relations (and I'm assuming since Megan was expecting another little one).  But both ladies were extremely nice and quick to respond to every question or inquiry I provided.  Elisabeth mentioned working with them again after our Sprout is born and I told her that sounded like a lovely idea - no qualms at all.  My favorite instance of fabulous customer service was when I confessed that I am really not fashion forward and had to ask how to convert my shawl into a scarf.  Elisabeth didn't make fun or anything, just sent me the link to their "how-to" page: How Do I Wear It?  And it turns out, the process is much easier than I had envisioned.  ;)

5 Stars

I highly recommend Medahm!  I love their products and I have loved working with them.  You should definitely take some time to connect with them via social media:

Etsy Shop
....and....wait for it....their NEW *WEBSITE*

Love when it is SO easy to give 5 stars!

Head on over to their Etsy Shop and pick out your favorite product(s)!  They have graciously give all Learning to Be 31 readers a discount code:

One reader will win a nursing shawl or scarf in their choice of color/print!  To enter, use the Giveaway Tool below - do as many or as little entries as you please, just make sure to do the mandatory ones.  :)


  1. I hope it still counts because I already made it my Etsy Favorite for the one entry... but I like the Stone Grey Tie Dye Infinity Nursing Scarf. Seems like the it'd be the most versatile for my boring wardrobe! Haha! I really like it though... and added it to my baby registry! Hoping someone will get it for me!

    1. It definitely still counts! ;) I almost got the grey - I wanted something that I could wear with a lot of different things. Love that you put it on your registry - I think this is such a neat product!

  2. Love the tiffany blue quatrefoil infinity nursing scarf. I have an unhealthy obsession with blue. I once separated my clothing by colors and 80% was blue or green. lol.

    1. That totally sounds like something I would do - and I would end up with a whole pile of neutrals. ;)

  3. I love the black with white mini-stripes nursing shawl.

    Stephanie S.

  4. I am really loving the Infinity Nursing Scarf in Tiffany Blue Quatrefoil!

  5. Awesome giveaway! Shared here:

    1. Thanks Julia! I added your linky to my list for when I have giveaways!

  6. The Infinity Nursing Scarf in Heather Charcoal Grey is my favorite.

  7. I love the Infinity Nursing Scarf - Grey Chevron. Full Coverage. Nursing Cover

  8. My favorite item from Medahm is the Infinity Nursing Scarf - Jewel Toned Feather. It has a great design and colors!


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