Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bump Update: 34 Weeks

So fun fact - I was born at 34 weeks gestation!  6 weeks early.  I keep telling Hubby this and he keeps telling me we need to get the hospital bag packed.  :P

It is highly unlikely, but Baby Girl could be here any day now.  As our Bradley book states, "there isn't a baby who can read a calendar..." or something like that anyhow.

As much as I am anxiously awaiting my due date (Oct. 16), I'm not expecting her to come unless she is ready.  My guess is the 22nd of October...just because it's fun to guess.  haha.  I am praying they won't want or have to induce for any reason.  And if it's past my due date I'm going to try to make it last as long as I can.  I know 2 weeks is the max but if she isn't ready to come then she just needs a little more time to bake (so long as she is healthy).  ;)   But I'm hoping we never even have to cross that bridge. 

The mail lady (who is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I know) saw me for the first time in a few days on Tuesday and she said, "Oh my, you have dropped.  You're getting a little shelf there."  hehe.  I definitely feel bigger - that's for sure.

I feel so huge...but I know I'm still pretty small for being so far along. I said, I feel huge.

Definitely grew since last week!
10 weeks ago.  So 24 weeks and 34 weeks.  Crazy right!?!

This week, baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe.

Next appointment: About a week and a half from now.  Two Mondays from now.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained somewhere between 2 & 3 pounds in the past 2 weeks.  Which is pretty normal I suppose.

Exercise: I can walk half as far and be twice as tired now.  lol.  Still doing my Bradley stuff...but not everything I should.  Gotta get on that....

Maternity Clothes: All the time.  Caved and bought another pair of shorts but scored a good deal so I am pleased.

Sleep: Depends on the night but definitely not as good as I used to - especially with the unending bathroom runs.  :P

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing.  Surprise right?

Movement:  So often.  So very often in my rib cage.  lol.  She is really trying to cram her way under there....

What I Miss: My energy and the ability to sleep an entire night without getting up at least once.

What I'm Loving:  The movement.  Even when it is uncomfortable, this is still one of the coolest things in the world. 
What I'm Looking Forward To: Ultrasound!!  We are measuring about 3 weeks behind which is worse than the last time so they told me I have to go check things out.  I'm not overly concerned.  Even the doctor thinks she is just laying oblong.  But since this is the 2nd appointment in a row, it is routine.  And I'm not complaining - we get to see our precious baby girl again before her arrival!  Yay!

Best Moment This Week: Our shopping trip.  It was nice having a girl's day with Mom and Gram.  We got almost all of the stuff we need and ended the day with pedicures and dinner.  It was wonderful.  Plus I got to go to IKEA!!  :)

Milestones: Working on those lungs and the nervous system!   And she is building up fat layers so she can be an adorable chunky little mess.  ;)

Goals:  Pack our hospital bag...really dragging my feet with this one.  And get the rest of the baby stuff put away...which means convincing Hubby to hang the shelf I got at IKEA.  hehe.


  1. So exciting! The last several weeks are def the fastest and slowest, in the weirdest way! And wondering when you'll go into labor makes things interesting and can put you on edge with every little twinge! My husband made me sit on a waterproof changing pad when I was in the car or on the couch... even in bed! He didn't want my water to break and make a mess! Haha! With my first pregnancy, I was a bit offended (since obviously I can't control such things)... but since then, I realized it's actually a pretty smart idea! Of course, my water never broke on it's own... so it was a non issue.
    Hopefully your little one stays in there until close to your due date! E was 8 days early... and D was right on. Hoping this one is a smidge early... but we'll see. I'm guessing Nov. 22nd for ours.
    Good luck at your next appt! My next is the glucose test... yum. ;)

    1. Yay for glucose testing. lol. We just put a waterproof mattress case on the bed yesterday - but hadn't really thought about the couch and what not. Our one car has leather seats....but still. Hmmm, definitely something to ponder.

      It is such a guessing game! But one of the best surprises ever I suppose. :D


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