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Types of Cloth Diapers We Use (WAHM Update)

**I received a free item in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.**

When we decided to cloth diaper, I had no idea how many different kinds were out there.  And to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming.  Not to mention all of the crazy abbreviations. I was going to give a list of all the different types of diapers and abbreviations but realized I wasn't up to par on some of them.  So instead....if you need a brief run down in that area check out this post from Viva Veltoro.

I had originally planned on using pocket diapers.  A lot of people in the cloth diaper community rave about them because of their absorbency and flexibility.  I have quite a few pockets.  But after reading this post from The Anti June Cleaver I thought I should probably look into AI2's (All-in-Two's).  I ended up doing reviews for a couple of different AI2 systems.  And I realized how much easier they would probably be.  But I held off purchasing until after we got a chance to actually use our OS (one-size) diapers.

Fast-forward to a month after Aelah's arrival and I was head over heels for the WInk diaper I had reviewed previously (Check out the original review here).  The pockets were great, super absorbent - but I hated having to reach into the diaper to pull out a soaking wet insert.  With the AI2 I can just dump it into the diaper pail.  :)  Then the cover can be reused if it wasn't soiled.

The fit of the Wink diaper is great!  We started wearing the cover around 2 or 3 weeks.  So I'm guessing she was around 8 lbs.  There wasn't any leaking!  After using all of our diapers - multiple different pockets, a couple of AI2 systems, and a few covers - the Wink diaper was, hands down, my favorite.  I can choose what inserts to put in.  Thanks to the front and back flaps, every insert we own fits and stays in place.  I haven't had a single leak with these either!  Which is saying a lot because Baby Girl is quite the heavy wetter!  Plus, since I can use whatever inserts I want, I can get a pretty trim diaper!  

As noted in my first review, Wink Diapers sells bamboo inserts and hemp inserts.  I love both!  And I usually use them together - which makes for a good night time solution.  Her bamboo inserts are the best quality of all the ones I have.  You can tell just by holding it in your hands.  Impressive right!?!

Here are a few pics of the fit on my little one...who is now 12 lbs!!

My little Chunk-a-Munk - LOVE her "Wink" tags...

Fluffy Butt!

Awesome double gussets!

So I actually decided to order more!  At the time we were getting by because Baby Girl fit in some of her OS (one-size) diapers as well as her newborns.  But I knew once she outgrew her newborns and size S diapers we were going to need more.  I am beyond glad that we ordered more Wink diapers.  They are phenomenal.

Hubby actually came in while I was changing her the other night and said "I really like these diapers," pointing to the colorful rainbow of Wink diapers, "they never leak."  Any time Hubby comments about liking anything cloth diaper related I do a little happy dance.  Yet another reason why I am very glad most of our stash is now Wink!

Full disclosure - I did have an issue with the gusset elastic relaxing in our original diaper a few weeks ago.  I am unsure if it was something I did (supposedly Oxi-Clean can affect elastics) or if it was just a bad batch of elastic.  However, since Wink Diapers have a one-year warranty, I have a replacement diaper on the way!  :)

Here's a couple pics in yet another Wink diaper, just for fun!

Love her chubbiness!!

The best part?  Wink Diapers are extremely affordable!!  You can get a six pack for $59.99!  Or a 12 pack for $107.99!!  You can also buy them individually. She also has AIO's, cloth wipes, custom diapers, and more!

And guess what???  She has given us an exclusive code for 25% off!!!  That means you can get six AI2 covers for just $45!!  Awesome right?!?  Head over to her website page here and enter code "LearningToBe31" at checkout.  But hurry, because this offer is only good through the 19th of December!  

If you would, take some time to follow Wink on these social media outlets:


P.S.  I just stumbled across a giveaway for a Wink Diaper at All About Cloth Diapers.  If you want to enter, head over here and check out her review.

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