Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Story (Part 1)

Boy Meets Girl.

Insert long romantic walks on the beach, late night chats, and an extravagant proposal here.

And they live Happily Ever After.

If only every story were that wonderful right??

But we don't live in a fairy tale world.  And I'm glad.  Our story might not be one you would find in a story book or watch in theaters.  But it is our story!  It is unique.  No one else can claim it.  And happily ever after is a little boring isn't it???  ;)

Hubby and I pretty much grew up together.  I don't remember meeting him.  He just always was.  We went to the same church and my memories of him probably start around 6th grade or right around the time I started youth group.

He was a grade ahead of me.  I didn't like him much.  Hubby was the "it" boy in youth group and, in his terms, I was pretty geeky.  He did date quite a few of my friends and that in itself told me that he wasn't anyone I would be interested in dating.

Fast forward to New Year's Eve my freshman year of college.  We both showed up at the party we'd all been going to for a few years.  And he was different.  A couple of years out of high school had done him good!  I felt like he was a lot more mature and well-rounded.  And he apparently thought I was a lot more good lookin'.  ;)

The night was fun - full of flirtations and cheesy one liners.  Unfortunately, I was home in Pennsylvania on Christmas break and had to head back to Oklahoma just a day later.  We sent texts and silly Facebook messages and one day he called.  I was ecstatic.  But then everything was adding up.  I couldn't start a relationship with a guy who was half way across the country.  And, besides, I was still hung up on a friend at school.

So how do I solve the problem?  I stopped answering my phone, stopped responding to texts, and ignored all comments, messages, and 'pokes' on Facebook.  No explanation.  

Fast forward another year to that same New Year's party.  The party had shrunk this year.  By far.  I think there were 6 of us there.  My & Hubby included.  I hadn't spoken to him since I started ignoring him.  I was embarrassed and beside myself.  But things quickly went back to normal.  No one brought up the awkwardness and all was well.

I went home that night (or rather the next was New Year's remember) and quickly took the coward's way out.  I sent him a Facebook message apologizing for the past and wishing him well.  He laughed about it and that was that.

We spoke on and off for the next few months.  Nothing flirty.  Nothing serious.  Just friendly conversation via Facebook.  I dated another guy for a few months but it ended quickly since I couldn't see a future.  

Summer came and Hubby asked me to go to the movies.  We were both home and bored out of our minds and he had to meet a friend to pick up some things.  It would be nice to have company come along and then we could go see Night at the Museum 2. I agreed but swore up and down to my parents that it was NOT a date.  And I made that clear to him as well since I sat with my arms crossed and leaning away from him the entire time.

We hung out quite a bit.  But the entire time I swore up and down that we were NOT dating.  And then my family went on our annual beach vacation.  And I hated being away from him for so long.  While I was gone Hubby made plans for us to go to Falling Water - the house built by Frank Lloyed Wright.  

When that day arrived, I knew it was a date.  I couldn't deny it any longer.  It was that very day we made things official.  

And the cheesy one liners didn't end there...

Tune in next week to hear the story of our proposal!  :)

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