Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Cloth Wipe Stash - WAHM Update

I was given free product in exchange for an open & honest review.  
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My cloth wipe stash consists of Sweet Bobbins wipes, GroVia wipes, Buttons flannel wipes, and those tiny baby wash cloths that you get like 500 in a pack (haha, okay, I might be exaggerating a bit...).   

To get a thorough overview of what I thought of the wipes Sweet Bobbins sent me before baby came, go here.  But, the short story is, I loved them.  I thought they were much better made than the wipes that I already had and so much softer.  I still stand by that.  In fact, they are, by far, my favorite wipes!

As noted in my initial review they are SO soft!  And much thicker than the other wipes.  If Hubby has his preference, he always grabs these ones....just to be sure he doesn't get his hands messy.  They just aren't always on the top of the stack.  :P

The GroVia wipes are also fairly thick, they just aren't quite as soft.

The Buttons flannel wipes aren't soft or thick.  But because of how thin they makes it fairly easy to get in all of those cracks and crevices.  ;)

And those baby wash cloths.  Honestly, I started using them because I had an extreme excess.  I got like 3 packs of 20....or something like that.  There was no way I was ever going to use 60 wash cloths.  So I thought I'd stick them in our cloth wipe stash.  They are super thin...and a bit smaller, so good for cracks and crevices.  But I particularly like them for the diaper bag!  They are small and a little less bulky than actual "cloth wipes."  

But back to Sweet Bobbins...
The only negative thing I have to say about these awesome is that they are adorable as well!

Seriously cute right?
I end up only using one side of these wipes because I don't want to get the prints all stained up and messy.  But I could use both sides if I needed I suppose it's no big deal...  ;)

Angela & Rene of Sweet Bobbins gave Learning to Be 31 readers an exclusive discount code for their Etsy Shop.

And son't forget about all of the other awesome things they make:

(and this is just a peek....)

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