Tuesday, July 15, 2014

House Project: Vanity Hardware Makeover

So awhile back when I showed you how I antiqued our bathroom cupboards, I noted in the post that I would also show you how I redid the hardware.  Finally getting around to that!  

Unfortunately, I didn't get a before pic.  Just envision black hardware with splotches of white paint, blue paint, and maybe a little cream paint....which may or may not have been my fault.

Yes, I did paint them a little bit while painting the cabinets cream.  But to be fair - they already had paint on them!  ;)

I wanted to see if we could get away with just cleaning the paint off so I looked to the internet for a solution.  Turns out all I needed was rubbing alcohol!  

I love finding easy fixes like this!

I let the handles and hinges soak for quite awhile (at least an hour).

Here they are soaking.  Like watching water boil....

And then started to rub/scrub them off.  At first, I panicked, because even the black was coming off.  But I loved the antiquey gold that was underneath.  However, in the end not all of the black was able to come off and Hubby really disliked it.  It was the wrong kind of "old."  lol. 

Not quite right...

But anywho...

In the end we got this Forged Hammered Chestnut Spray Paint  that had a bronze feel to it and went to town.  

Pretty awesome stuff!!

It worked out perfectly because we could then match the metal towel racks in the room with the vanity hardware.  And I LOVE how they look with the turquoise walls!  :)

The handles that started it all!
Don't you love the way it all goes together???  :D

Have you ever used spray paint for a quick fix??

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