Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bump Update: 27 Weeks!

Sometimes I have moments when I realize how crunchy I am becoming.  And the closer we get to Baby time, the more and more those moments appear.

I guess this stems from last nights pre-natal class.  She was talking about pain medications and c-sections and this was her introduction: "Most girls get epidurals.  And those who say they aren't going to, usually do anyhow."  And then she went on to say how very few women actually have un-medicated births.

How encouraging is that!?!  It really set a bad tone for the rest of the night.  I just don't understand why they don't encourage natural birthing more.  There would be less complications and cesareans that way (but also less money for the hospital and staff...hmmmmm.....).  Our bodies are designed to do this!  We are capable!  But if everyone is telling you that it's next to impossible, why would you think otherwise?  

I am extremely grateful that I started researching natural birth as soon as we found out we were expecting (and probably a little before).  I'm also tremendously grateful for the two books on the Bradley method that friends of ours let us borrow.  We have learned so much about what I am capable of and allowing my bodies natural instincts to kick in.  

The more I read about any medication, the more I don't want a single drop.  It is a slippery slope that is hard to stop.  Start medicine A and it is much more likely you will need medicine B and with the combination, the likelihood of a C-Section is almost doubled, if not tripled.  And at 1 in 3 births ending in a cesarean already, I'd rather not up my chances.  

If at all possible, Baby Girl will come into this world naturally and Mama will be medication free!  
Yes, yes, I know I need to be prepared for anything.  We are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  And, in the end, she will be here and we will all be happy!  :)

And now I have the extra motivation of proving that nurse wrong!  Un-medicated birth is possible!  And completely natural!  haha.  But, really, we are choosing a natural birth because we feel it is what's best for the start of our little family, for me, and most importantly, for her.

Love that little bump!

Hubby always manages to get the best faces of me.....seriously.....

I can really tell a difference, but these pics don't show it.  :(  However, it is a bit higher and more round and you can definitely see that!

This week, baby is the size of an: Cucumber or Cauliflower - as far as length and weight are concerned.  

Next appointment: One week from today!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I am officially back to my pre-preggo weight.  Which is really good news!  I've been trying to eat more protein the last few days so hopefully that will help.  The doctor's haven't been concerned but I just don't feel like I'm gaining enough.  And when I checked my protein intake it was say the least. 

Exercise: Always depends on the weather.  But with VBS this week and me helping with the music, I have been moving quite a bit!  ;)

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely more often.  Won't be much longer and I won't get away with regular shorts/pants.  

Sleep: Pretty good lately.  May have to get a body pillow soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Not really anything this week.

Movement: Not quite as consistent.  But much less subtle.  haha.  She kicked Daddy in the face the other night.  It was amusing.  He was just trying to talk her into moving a little before we went to bed.  I think it was her way of telling him to buzz off, she's trying to sleep!  ;)

What I Miss: Dippy Eggs.  Boosting my protein means more eggs.  And I usually like mine over medium - a little runny for toast dipping, but mostly cooked through....but for Sprout's safety they have to be cooked the whole way.

What I'm Loving: How much she is growing.  My belly is noticeably larger.  And that is so fun!  And she is still a little lopsided.  lol.      

What I'm Looking Forward To: Doc appointments more often.  Every 2 weeks after this next appointment!  :)  

Best Moment This Week: Probably when she kicked Hubby's face.  tehe.

Milestones: She is able to recognize my voice!  It's about time!  ;)  But, more exciting, this is the LAST WEEK OF MY 2nd TRIMESTER!!!

Goals: I may be able to paint the nursery!  We got the walls done!  Now we just have to paint the trim.  Still have blog reviews to do and I still have plenty of organizing and rearranging left.  But things are coming together! 


  1. You look great!
    It is amazing the people you talk to who say they'd never have a kid without medications! Or those who would prefer a C-section! I can't even imagine! I had both of mine without any meds... my birth plan stated that I didn't want any unless there was an emergency. But they still had to put an IV port in "just in case". I think it's awesome to go all natural... and it IS possible (assuming all goes well). My first was really hard... it was miserable.... but my second was THE BEST. I would give birth multiple times if it could be like that every time - as long as I didn't have to go thru the LONG pregnancy part! haha! Stick to your guns! I'm sure you'll do great! It's definitely the experience of a lifetime! I can't imagine being numbed and not really knowing the full effects of childbirth! Oh... also... w/ my 2nd, my doctor liked the convenience of inducing... and he kept suggesting it to me even though I wasn't even at my due date... I refused... and she came right on time. So don't let your doctor push you to induce just for convenience. It irritated me that my doctor would bring it up so often but he respected my wishes. My body knew what it needed to do and unless there was a serious problem, it could just run it's course. And... it did! :)

    1. I actually know so many people personally who have delivered naturally. Which has really been helpful. Plus, my mom will be with me and she is ALL about no meds. ;) So I'm sure she will be a tremendous help. And Hubby is already super supportive, so no worries there!

      It amazes me the number of doctors who just want to induce for the heck of it. I haven't heard anything like that at our office...but we are getting two new doctor' we shall see... Yay for you for sticking to your guns! D came when she was good and ready! :)

  2. Actually, half the reason we left ABC was their penchant for inductions of their convenience. They touted Benjamin's induction as medically necessary. In no way was it. When I learned more and how it was an endangerment I was livid. Nursery staff gave Benjamin formula without consent...kept him from us for hours without telling us what's going on... I was tired and kept trying to find out more. They'd keep saying "oh the pediatrician is almost done" and it turns out she wasn't at all. I was tired of negotiating...threatening and being upset. I heard so much good about the maternity floor there but realized after that it's because my friends had no notion of birth outside of "what we always do". Gianna had a much more peaceful experience. Not trying to be a Debbie downer but you definitely need to into this aware. You can be positive but be prepared for these experiences at well. Hopefully yours goes better. The positive was that I'm now preparing for a home birth next time around as well as becoming a doula myself. But yeah, it does happen. Just arm yourself with all the knowledge possible.

    1. Already preparing. But I'm not going to go into it looking for the bad. Yes, doctors and hospitals can be a pain, but I haven't had any problems yet, so I am pleased. Until they give me, personally, a reason to think otherwise, I really like my doctors. :) But I'm prepared to put my foot down if need be. I've done (and I'm still doing) my research so I can approach any situation in an educated manner. And I've got an awesome support system!

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  4. Removed the last one because I couldn't edit lol. In no way am I saying to go into it looking for problems, etc. I also had a great support system but that didn't have anything to do with it, really. I also didn't have an issue and liked my doctors for the most part. Awareness of things like this though are an equally important part of knowledge, expectations and personal empowerment. It has no impact on having a positive experience. Just wanted to share, as a friend, what had happened because I want to share with you an experience I had so you hopefully don't have the same issues :-) it really does pay to be aware of the positives as well as the negatives.

  5. You better know I love you and fully support you though (it wouldn't let me add that on lol)

    1. I know. I promise. :)

      You got me started on this crunchy train track to begin with. lol.

  6. I was all for a natural birth as well. My husband didn't think I could do it but was supportive. Turns out A didn't want to turn and B was doing flips the whole time so I wasn't even given a choice then to have them "evicted" as I liked to call it. It went smoothly but I am sad I didn't at least get to try the O'l fashion way.

    1. I wanted twins so badly! hehe. Maybe the next time around you can give the old fashioned way a go???

  7. I had a natural birth and I'm so happy I did! Yes it was painful but is was over really quickly. I'm so proud of.myself, I would totally do it again. My advice would be lots of visualization- imagine yourself having a perfect birth, imagine all the positions you'll use for relief, whatever you want. Then all those positive images and thoughts Wil be routine on the big day.

    1. Great advice! We've been "practicing" and I've been doing my exercises - I REALLY want this so I'll be doing whatever it takes! SO happy for you that you got the experience you wanted!


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