Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aelah Grace: 9 Months

She is something else this girl....

Nine Months.  Can you believe it??  My baby is slowly becoming a toddler....  Not cool.  At all.  I have to admit, it is a lot of fun.  And on the other hand, it is super difficult.  She is constantly on the go.  If she is awake, my productivity is cut by 80% easily!!  haha.  We just have to learn how to master this new normal!

And, yes, I realize this is almost a month late.  haha.  Hoping to have our 10 month post up next week...on time!  ;)

Little Miss Busy Body

How am I growing?

Where did my baby go!?!?!

Well, she is officially 18 lbs, 12 oz.  And 28 and a half inches long!  She is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height.  Since she was weighed and measured last (around 6 months) she has gained 1 lb and 6 oz....I really think she gained more than that and then lost within the last month since she has become so much more mobile.  Her legs are getting skinnier!  :(  She has grown an inch and a half since then as well. 

How am I sleeping?

Marvelously!  There are still nights now and then that she will wake up and fuss a bit but only once in the past month have I had to get out of bed before 6am.  It was a weird night.

How am I eating?

Boy does she love her food!  I haven't noticed a difference in nursing....unless I'm not around.  Then she wants less milk and more actual food.  Which I know isn't abnormal.  Her favorites currently are pasta, yogurt, dried sugar snap peas, meatballs, and pretzels with hummus.

She even loves lemons!!
What else is new?

She has mastered crawling, much to my dismay.  Every two minutes she in into something else.  I keep reminding  myself that this is how she learns and that curiosity is a good thing.  But I also find myself wishing that we had a smaller living space or somewhere that I could corral her a bit better.  A large open floor plan is not practical for mobile infants!  ;)

First steps were taken about a week ago at this point I think.  Just a couple here and there.  Though yesterday she braved four at once which is the most I've ever seen.  

Attitude is in full force.  When she isn't happy she will let you know!  

Waving hello, goodbye, and goodnight is a lot of fun!  And actually, because she started waving before bed time, it is now a nice clue that she is ready for a nap.  If no one walked in the door and she comes over to me and waves, it generally means she is sleepy.  I also love that when I come home from work she waves with both hands because she is so excited to see me.

No teeth yet.  I keep thinking they are coming....but still nothing.  Hopefully soon.

Here's my favorite pics from the month:

This picture is absolutely stunning.  Props to my mom!!
This is actually a still from a video I took...she was SO intense about pushing that walker!
She loves bath time too!!  Look at that silly grin!
Investigating Daddy's ukulele...she loves all things musical!


  1. The month pictures are adorable. I should start doing them for my little man.


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