Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forgiveness and Solutions Through the Eyes of a Child

The twins I work with are constantly amazing me...
And they ALWAYS make me laugh!  

Two things stuck out to me this week.

First, I wish I could have the forgiveness that comes so easily for children.

Mary and Charlie don't always see eye to eye - Mary can be bossy and Charlie is pretty stubborn - these two materials mixed together can catch fire pretty quickly.  We went to the pool and for some reason or the other, an argument erupted.  Charlie instantly was in tears at whatever happened and Mary was standing there with her arms crossed.  Not five minutes later, I hear Charlie,

"Mary, let's go to the fawm"  (The farm was the playground on this day...)

He reached for her hand and off they went, hand-in-hand to the playground!

They truly know what forgive and forget means.  For them, it's as easy as 1-2-3.  For me, it's nearly impossible.  It takes forever to forgive and forget?  Well  that's not only impossible, its unfathomable!  How could I possibly forget what hurt me?  

But for those beautiful, hilarious, innocent 3-year-olds, it is in their nature.  Forgiving and forgetting is natural for them.  Just one more reason why God wants us to be like children?  I think so!

On a lighter note - I love the solutions that kids come up with.  I was watching the kids yesterday and they had been promised a family movie night upon Dad's return.  Mary asks,

"We're having family move night, are you staying for the movie?"

"I can't sweetheart, I have to go home and make dinner for Justin."

"Oh"  (pause)  I can tell she is thinking hard...and then it happens, the head tilts a little sideways and she looks up at me with those huge gorgeous brown eyes:

"I promise you can go home tomorrow..."

My heart melted.

And in the background I can hear Charlie going "tiny rock" in a high-pitched voice and "BIG ROCK" in the deepest voice he can manage...just like I taught them.

This is their two personalities to a tee - Mary is always thinking, coming up with a solution to her problems (and this one is most definitely my favorite!) while Charlie is off in his own world, completely content.

Love them!

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