Saturday, July 28, 2012

Folding Shirts = Happier Hubby

Justin and I are forever frustrated with his t-shirts.  I fold his shirts and put them away, trying my best to keep it so he can see which one is which - but there is only so much space!  I would get back in the drawer after doing laundry the next time and it would just be a mess.  Nothing we fought over - just something I wish could be fixed.  And then Pinterest saved the day!  

I discovered a new idea over at Darkroom and Dearly.  However, I merely used her idea - when I decided to try it, I folded all by myself without her instructions - I just folded how I usually do and then added an extra fold.  So, beware, if you check out both blogs, our folding methods may vary.  :)

Anyhow - this is what the drawer looked like after I refolded:

And here are the steps for folding:

Here's to better organized drawers!  Happy folding!

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