Saturday, July 28, 2012

Attics, Puzzles, and Nursery Themes....

 My parents are preparing to move.  Because of this, my mom and I have been cleaning like crazy!  We went through my grandma's attic (with the help of my cousin and, of course, Grandma!) and then a few days later we tackled my childhood room.  Both of these adventures were very sentimental.  We discovered a lot of neat stuff:

- Grandma's wedding dress
- Mom's wedding dress
- Military uniforms
- Cake topper from my grandparent's wedding
- All of my old toys (it was so hard deciding what to keep!)
- A box of ALL the notes I had written/received over the course of highschool

And the list goes on and on and on....

One of the neat things we discovered were old puzzles.  We found some in a box Grandpa had hidden in the attic (Mom had never even seen them).  Three of them to be exact.  I decided to put them all together to see if we had the pieces.  Two of them weren't missing a thing.  And one was missing 2 or 3 pieces.  But still!  Pretty awesome.  Here they are:

We also found a bag full of puzzle pieces in my room.  They were obviously old and I couldn't remember putting them together, though the back of the pieces were vaguely familiar since they are so unique:

Then I remembered that each puzzle had a different pattern on the back!  So I separated all of the pieces.  In the end, what I thought was 4 separate puzzles, turned out to be 6 puzzles - each a different nursery rhyme!

I'm thinkin' vintage themed nursery?  :D

I forgot how much I love putting puzzles together!  Something about it is just SO relaxing!  

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