Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aelah Grace: 5 Months

She was too focused on the basket to pay full attention to me...
I'm a little late with this one, as usual...Aelah turned 5 months last Thursday!!  It is all just flying by so very fast.  She is absolutely amazing.  It is so fun to watch her explore and learn!

How am I Growing?

She is something else isn't she?
Unreal isn't it?!?!  I can't believe she was ever that little....
I don't know how much she weighs at this point....but I'll say we're somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds....and probably close to 28 inches long...but those are guesses.  She grows so stinkin' fast!!

What's New?

Again, the better question might be what isn't new?  It is amazing how much can change in one single month.  Here's a review in pictures:

She decided the best place to play is in her exersaucer....I think because she can see everything this way...

Couldn't get her to take a bottle so we tried the sippy cup and that did the trick!  She loves to hold it herself and chew or sip.  A perfect solution for when Mommy has to be away...so a HUGE answer to prayer.

Story time with Daddy has become one of our favorite activities before bed.  Good Night, Good Night Construction Site seems to be Daddy's favorite.  ;) 

Mirrors are absolutely amazing!!  And so is sitting up...though we haven't quite mastered that one, she does pretty good for short periods of time!

How am I Sleeping?
She LOVES sleeping on her belly...but HATES waking up this way....

Sleeping really depends on the night.  Some nights she will go 7-8 hour stretches and some nights it's only 3 or 4 hours stretches.  But thankfully, when she wakes up she eats and goes right back to sleep.

How am I eating?

You know how I say in a month things change like crazy....well, since her developmental cues are right on target and since she stares, chews, and grabs at our food while we eat, we thought it might be time to start foods soon.  We had originally wanted to wait until 6 months to introduce her to anything but breast-milk, however, she shows all the signs of being ready and I think it will be a good change.  It will be slow at first.  And I'm still back and forth about Baby Led Weaning (otherwise known as baby led solids) or purees or a mixture of both.  Leaning toward a mixture.  But it looks like you all will find out what we decide in our 6 month post!!

**If you have tried baby led weaning, what were some of the first foods you introduced?


  1. Replies
    1. It is super sweet! I watched my husband's employer's baby last year and it was one of her favorites. So they got it for us. It has been a hit with Daddy but I'm betting Aelah will grow to love it once she is older....

  2. Benjamin seemed to hate most of the baby food I made except avocado. He did love yogurt and mashed potatoes. We tried blw with Gia and she did awesome - I was really hesitant and thinking that there's no way this is really safe lol. Her first taste of "food" was just a itty bit of mashed potatoes because we were out to eat and she was grabbing at it. We did try mashed sweet potatoes as her first official food though. She just didn't have an interest in mashed things so we just went all blw with her. It seemed to help her progress to other solids quicker than Benji did (but that could have just been her personal preference). Texturey things like chopped up spaghetti noodles were one of her faves. Unless it was super spicy or acidic she just shared what we had which really helped. We stayed clear of the foods with higher allergy rates like PB and strawberries but did introduce sooner than most because food allergies are very rare on both sides of our families so risk rate was low (plus both kids had gotten into pb before they were supposed to anyway - like Benji biting into packages of Sam's crackers lol)!
    Good luck! A mixture is my personal preference - just starting off with puree so they get the feel of a different taste and texture plus swallowing. Whatever you go with, just follow her lead - she'll show you what she needs and you'll have an instinct as to what she's ready for. And, of course, let her play with her food - especially spaghetti haha!

    1. We did start this week...with a mixture. I give her a few things to "play" with and chew on while we eat. And then I give her a puree of something or other. Toast and avocados seem to be the favorites. We've also tried carrots, cucumber, and a red pepper (sweet of course). So far she has loved everything and we haven't had any issues. It's so fun!!


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