Monday, May 6, 2013

Respect Challenge: Week 2

Quick Recap - I am on a 25 week journey to becoming a more respectful wife.  I want to be the best wife my husband could ever ask for!  I found my inspiration over at Loving Life at HomePlease feel free to join me on this might even change your marriage...  ;)

Honor His Wishes. 

Jennifer notes, "
Give weight to what your husband thinks is important. Make those things a priority that matter most to him, whether it’s having dinner ready when he gets home from work or keeping the house tidy or limiting computer time. Don’t make him ask twice."

Philippians 2:4 - Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interest of others.

I never realized how often I say "no" or "not now."  Hopefully that has changed for the better.

Most days I want to come home and relax instead of heading straight to the kitchen.  But I know that Hubby really loves it when dinner is ready as soon as he gets out of the shower.  I did my very best to make sure this happened each night this week.  I also made an effort to not be on my computer as much, it bothers him that I always have to "do."

A little un-coincidentally, this week was the perfect week for honoring hubby's wishes since he got a major promotion.  While he was excited - it put a lot of added stress on top of the usual.  This meant asking me to help him shop for polo's (a much more in depth process than you might imagine), asking me to help with some other work stuff I have kept putting off, and a stress-induced migraine.  It was a challenge for me to take care of him as HE saw fit instead of how I saw fit.
And on the light sight of things: one night this week Hubby asked me, "Could you hold my feet with your hands and make them warm?"  Is he crazy?  First of all, who asks that question?  Second of all, I hate feet.  And I especially hate touching feet.  But I remembered that this week I'm supposed to honor his wishes.  So I did....but only for a couple of minutes.  ;)


  1. Sometimes it can be hard accepting need and want requests from others when they could compromise your own needs and wants. We just gotta do our best for each other and remind our loved ones we care and cherish them =)

    1. I'm such a control freak sometimes. This is a tough one for me. ;)


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