Friday, September 28, 2012

Zealous Prayer

Have you ever reached that point where you can't even find the words to pray because you are so overwhelmed?  Or maybe you have witnessed it...  I have seen it a few times.  When humans face problems and difficulties beyond our comprehension, it is sometimes impossible to find the right words, to find any words.  But thankfully, we don't need words for God hears our hearts.

1 Samuel 1:13 - As for Hannah, she was speaking in her heart, only her lips were moving, but her voice was not heard.  So Eli thought she was drunk.

If you haven't read my previous blog on Hannah, I suggest starting here.  It will give you a good background.  This verse takes place between the time Elkanah spoke with Hannah and the time when their prayers are answered with the birth of their son, Samuel.

I read that verse and I can picture it clearly in my mind, I find it extremely relateable.  Even though Hannah wasn't speaking out loud and her passion was so vivid that Eli thought she was drunk, God still heard her prayer.  He hears our hearts, not our words - "Thoughts are words to Him" (Henry).  By praying without speaking, by engaging her whole heart, "she testified her belief of God's knowledge of the heart and its desires" (Henry).  

What would happen if we always approached Him with such a passion?  What if we always engaged our whole heart when speaking to the Father?  I think our communication with God would be on a whole new level and thus, our relationship would be also!

I challenge you today to approach our Savior with your whole heart, with a zealous passion.  The next time you pray, remember to engage your whole heart.  

He will listen...even if you don't speak.

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