Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Aelah Grace: 8 Months

Those cute little toes!  I just want to eat them up!  ;)

 A couple weeks late on this one, as usual.  But this little lady is keeping me busy!  And I am soaking up every single moment of it!

I could add cords and wires to this list but I didn't want any judgy looks.  I wouldn't let her play with them, of course,.but they definitely seem to be her all time favorite thing ever!  ;)

How am I growing?

So hard to tell without a doctors appointment.  She is so much more mobile now, I really think she is thinning out.  So we may have lost a bit of weight...but I highly doubt that.  We have an appointment the end of this week though so I'm anxious to see the changes.  She has pretty much grown out of her 6 month clothes though I still have a few things I didn't pack away.  Some of the 9 month brands are still a bit big yet.  Since she grew so quickly in the beginning, it is amazing to me that we have been in the same clothes for so long!  We even made sure to get a bunch of summer clothes in 12 months - now I'm not sure we'll need them!  That's just how it goes I guess...

How am I sleeping?

Sleeping through the night has continued to be the trend.  Sometimes she wakes up between 11 and 1 or between 4 and 5.  But all I have to do is give her a paci and she usually goes right back to sleep.  So thankful for this (knocking on wood over here....).  But who knows what will happen once teeth actually decide to appear or some other developmental change.  ;)

How am I eating?

She loves her food!  Very much!  If she happens to nap through dinner time we have one cranky bear on our hands.  So she definitely depends on that evening meal.  But breast-milk is still her primary nutrition.  I've started giving her some oatmeal or cereal some mornings.  And she has been eating a "snack" for lunch.  We're slowly getting to three meals a day.  But I'm not in any rush.  She is happy and healthy and that's all that matters.

What else is new?

She is officially mobile!  She started king of scooching around and within a week she was crawling.  It is still very unique but she gets around very quickly.  I am getting less done around the house but enjoying watching her grow and change every day.  Even if it means pulling her out of the same corner or away from the TV stand every 2 minutes.  ;)  

This was the original scootch, army crawl, whatever you want to call it....I already miss how cute it was....

Her personality is really coming out as well.  So many faces, so many noises.  She laughs, she gets mad.  It is so fun!  But makes it a bit difficult to tell her no.  haha.

And she looooooves the pool!

Thank you Aldi - this is the best $5 I've ever spent.  ;)

And here are a couple of my other favorite pictures from the past month:

Our ray of sunshine...even when it rains every. single. day.

THAT face!  The super excited I can't contain myself face.  By far one of my favorites.


  1. I love that swing picture!! Can't believe she is 8 months... weren't you (and me!) JUST pregnant? Haha


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