Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Through the Storm

I hate cancer.  I hate that some women can't have biological children.  I hate that some parents have to live life without ever knowing what their children would have grown up to be.  I hate that some parents abuse their children.  I hate poverty.  I hate terrorism.  I hate war.  I hate that we live in an imperfect world.

Sometimes it is so very hard to see God and His goodness.  Sometimes the imperfections of this world leave me in tears and asking, "Why?"  And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  Job questioned God, so did David, and many others.  I don't think the things of this world are supposed to make sense - or else we wouldn't long for another world, a better world, a heavenly world...

But you know what, even when I can't see God through the mess of imperfections, He is there, watching!  He sees me.  And He sees you.  He sees all of us.

Psalm 33:13-15
13 The Lord looks from heaven;
He sees all the sons of men;
14 From His dwelling place He looks out
On all the inhabitants of the earth,
15 He who fashions the hearts of them all,
He who understands all their works.

In the middle of summer, I always do my best to wear sunscreen (I read an article about sun damage that scared me enough to pay attention).  But have you ever gone outside without sunscreen when it was super overcast, completely grey, no blue sky to be seen, because you shouldn't need it right?  But then at the end of the day, you come home looking like a sun-dried tomato.  Even when we can't see it, even when the sky is so black and stormy that we barely believe it exists, the sun is still there.

I struggle sometimes when bad things happen.  Not because they happen but because sometimes I just can't see the good that comes from the situation.  Romans 8:28 tells us that God causes all things to work together for the good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  So when I can't see the good, I get really frustrated.  But even though I can't see it, even when I don't believe it is there, the Good is still there.  God is still there.  He is working behind the scenes to bring good, I just might not be able to see it. 

He sees it all.  And I truly believe that He loves us so much that when bad things inevitable happen in our lives, He wants and longs to bring good out of it.  So He does.  I don't believe for a second He could sit back and watch all the bad happen and not do a thing about it.  That isn't my God.  My God is active and loving, caring and strong.  And He is always there.  Even when I can't see Him through the storm. 

Bri Sherman

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