Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Thai-ed Together" Date Night...or Day...

This might be a little bit late but I wanted to share about our Valentine date this year!  Hubby and I have decided to switch off who does Valentine's day and our Anniversary each year.  He chose to start with our Anniversary so that means I got Valentine's day this year!  Thanks to some inspiration from the girls over at The Dating Divas, I had a great time planning a whole day full of fun!

Since the holiday was actually a Thursday, I decided to postpone our fun until Saturday.  But I did surprise Hubby with a large part of his gift and an invite for our date on Thursday!

While I was at work, he came home to find this:

I got this free printable here from Erika at The Dating Divas.

This tiny little printable gave me the inspiration for our whole day!  Since it talked about being "tied" together and we love Thai food so much...I thought it was perfect - we would have a Thai/Asian themed date day!

Well, Hubby followed the string to his gift where I attached the invitation to our date (I made this one all by myself).

 Cheesy?  Yep.  Love it!

Saturday morning Hubby went to the men's fellowship breakfast at our church giving me just enough time to set up and prepare for the day.  I couldn't find a lot of budget friendly asian decor but I managed to find bamboo placemats at Ross and some paper lanterns and fans at Walmart (on clearance!).  Set up with the tea set my brother got me for Christmas and traditional Thai music playing on Youtube, we had our own little Asian oasis!

We started the morning with some hot tea and strawberries.  And of course, we had to eat the berries with chopsticks (I found a 10 pack at the Dollar Tree)!  Then I brought out the first activity I had planned for the day:

A 3-D puzzle of a dragon!  Micheals had this puzzle and a hand full of others for only $5!  Plus I had a 40% off coupon - we are all about being budget friendly!  :)

Hubby had popped out most of the pieces before I asked if he realized they were all slightly different sizes.  Turns out, all of the pieces were numbered and we had to pop them all back in to figure out what was what.  Oops! 

When it was close to lunch time, we took a break from puzzling to snack on the "asian" snacks I found at Five Below (if you don't know what that is, the name says it all).  When we eat out on weekends we try to aim for a late lunch/early dinner so that we can still get lunch prices and save some moolah for other things!

 We managed to get all of the peices together before leaving for our meal.  Doesn't he look great?

This is the part of my date that flopped.  I looked on Yelp to find the ONLY Thai restuarant in the city that served "Jungle Chicken Curry," a usual order of Justin's from our favorite Thai place in OKC.  He looks for it on the menu of every new Thai place we try...  So we get there at 2:32...turns out they close from 2:30 - 5:00 for a break between lunch and dinner.  Yelp lied to me.  :(  Fortunately, we were only 6 miles away from a Thai place we had recently tried and loved.  We had a great meal and great time but I'm still bummed that Justin didn't get his Jungle Chicken Curry...

After we got home, we painted our dragon and played the game "Wok Tok" (you can find it here from Kiirsten at The Dating Divas).  This game is a lot like Mad Gab but with an Asian title and a romantic twist.  We had a blast!

After painting our dragon for awhile (the whole puzzle took much longer than expected), we ended the night with Thai massage!  I found a few different "how-to" videos on Youtube and we took turns massaging each other.  It was the perfect end to a romantic "thai-ed" together day!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to be creative (and, yes, a little cheesy) when it comes to date night!  Marriage does NOT have to be boring.  And if you haven't already....please, please, please go check out The Dating Divas, they are truly doing a great thing!  And they have a TON of great stuff!  Thanks to them, I've got date night ideas for the next few years I think! ;)

Have a good one!


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