Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everyone is Good at Something

Everyone is good at something!  (And if you think you are the exception, think again.  Keep trying until you figure it out, I promise you ARE good at something).  My husband is amazing with plants, he has an eye for design, and he can really cook!  My brother is good at mechanics and shooting targets.  I have friends who are talented musicians, photographers, poets, you name it!  And I'm sure you are the same, everyone is good at something.

Exodus 31:6 - ...and in the hearts of all who are skillful I have put skill, that they may make all that I have commanded you.

This verse answers a couple of very important questions.

1. Where does our skill, our talent, our wisdom, come from?

Did you catch the word "all" there?  The first one?  "ALL who are skillful."   Even when we look to the Hebrew word kol (coal), the meaning is "totality, everything" (Strong's).  So in the hearts of everyone "I have put skill."  Just to clarify the "I" here is God.  In everyone who is skillful God has put the skill.  The Hebrew word for put is nathan (nath an) which means "to give, bestow, grant" (Strong's).  In everyone who is skillful, God has given that skill.

2. Why do we have such skills, talents, wisdom?

"...that they make all that I have commanded you" AKA - so that they can do My (God's) work.  We are given skills in order to bring glory to God!  Everything that we do should be for His glory, especially those things that you are skilled at!  Steven Curtis puts it perfectly - "Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you" - see his full song here.

What are you talented at?  Making clothes?  Taking care of children?  Electric work?  Listening?  Paper work?  Whatever it may be, I challenge you today to use that talent by the end of the week to glorify God.  That could be as simple as picking up the phone and lending an ear to a neighbor who is struggling or running a few wires for the sweet old lady from church or donating some handmade clothing accessories.  I hope you see how amazing the experience can be!

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